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Two-Minute Drill: LB Bosworth Thrilled To Be Back At Home


IRVING, Texas – Linebacker Kyle Bosworth stirred up a bit more interest than your average special teamer when the Cowboys signed him Sunday afternoon.

The team needs experience on its kick coverage teams, and Bosworth has just that with 27 tackles for the Jaguars last season. Even more intriguing: the Cowboys claimed Bosworth off waivers after he was cut by the Giants, who just happen to be Dallas' Week 1 opponent.

Then of course there's the local angle. Bosworth's name should be familiar to any sports fan from the Dallas area – he's the nephew of Oklahoma legend and former NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth. He also attended Plano West High School, where he was an all-district linebacker before opting to play college football for UCLA.

All of those factors combine to give a pretty clear explanation of why so many were interested to talk to Bosworth on Monday following his first practice with the Cowboys.

Welcome home.

Bosworth:  "It feels great. This is a childhood dream I always had to play for the Cowboys and on Saturday they made that dream a reality. I'm really excited to be here, really happy with how everything turned out and I'm just ready to do everything I can for this team to make them be a championship team."* *

How did it feel going from being dejected that you had been cut to happy that you were coming back to Dallas?

Bosworth: "Dejected, I'm not sure that's the right word. But, uh, how happy was I? It's definitely a low. I've never been released before, so it was definitely a low. I had a moment where it just wasn't going right, and a couple of hours later I got a call from my agent saying the Cowboys picked me up off of waivers and that turned it around. So it was definitely a very, very low to high quick -- like a lightning bolt."

Is the reason that you're here your special teams skills?

Bosworth:"Yeah, that's what I've been doing every year since I've been in the league. I know I'm very good at special teams and I know I'm a really good 'backer. Obviously being the first day here I don't really know they system that well. I know it's going to take time, but I can be utilized on special teams right away, no problem. And I absolutely have no problem with that, I love it. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

Throughout training camp, the Cowboys have always pointed toward the Giants. I have to imagine it was the same for New York?

Bosworth: "Absolutely, you're always looking toward the first game of the season and it just so happened to be an inner-division game. When I was with the Giants, we were always looking forward to the Cowboys and vice-versa. (You look across at practice and say) Yeah, hey, there I am. It was definitely interesting. It's going to be easy for me because I know what they have and I'm sure they're going to change up some stuff but in the same sense, I know their personnel, I know their coaches, so it's going to be a really fun, exciting game. I'm really thrilled to be a part of this team and playing against guys who I've played against or with the whole offseason is going to be very fun and exciting for me."

Has Romo talked to you at all about what the Giants do on defense?

Bosworth: "Yeah, we've talked about it a little bit, but not too much. I'm sure that's for later." [embedded_ad]

When you were growing up as a Cowboys fan and visualizing yourself on the team, who were you?

Bosworth: "Who was I? Oh man, I don't really know -- a bunch of players. I was just always looking for the 50-numbers. I was always in the backfield because my uncle was Brian. He played in Seattle and stuff, so I always had that linebacker blood in me. So anyone who was back there -- Dat Nguyen was someone I looked up to a lot and any 50-numbers I was pretty much like, 'God, that could be me one day.'"

Were you aware that your talents could be sorely needed here on special teams?

Bosworth: "Uh, I wasn't really aware of that. Obviously me being a backup guy, I know I'm going to be on special teams. As soon as I got the call, I knew that's where I was going to be utilized right away, whether or not it was an essential need or not, I didn't know. I'm ready for whatever they have for me."

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