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Two Roster Spots Available As Team Evaluates Hurt WRs

SAN DIEGO –Many fans have been hoping throughout training camp that the Cowboys would bring in a veteran to serve as the third receiver, and such a move may be slightly more likely after Monday's practice with the Chargers.

Three receivers went down with injuries, including Dez Bryant, who was diagnosed with relatively minor patellar tendinitis. Andre Holmes (back) and Donovan Kemp (knee) were also hurt. With Danny Coale returning to practice, but Miles Austin still out, the Cowboys finished the workout with eight of the 12 receivers on the roster healthy.

There are two available spots on the roster after the Cowboys parted ways with defensive back Justin Taplin-Ross and running back Ed Wesley over the weekend.

After Monday's practice Garrett addressed the media and talked about the possibility of bringing in another receiver. He seemed to imply that the severity of the injuries could put plans in motion to acquire help at the position.

"We just have to evaluate what the MRIs say," Garrett said. "Then we have to make our best decision from there, whether it's for a young guy for legs or a more veteran player because we need a more experienced player. So, we'll go through the evaluations of who's available based on what we get from the MRIs."

The Cowboys will have to react quickly if they are to pick up another player, as league rules mandate that there is a three-day waiting period before a newly signed player can practice with his new team. The Cowboys will not practice on Wednesday's travel day and therefore it would not count as one of the three days. The Cowboys play the Rams on Saturday.

"That's the nature of the league," Garrett said. "That's part of the CBA. Those are the rules and we will abide by those rules and try to handle the situation as best we can."

With the first cut-down date coming Sunday, and the team set to trim its roster from 90 to 75 players, there's also a case to be made for holding off at receiver.

For most of camp, the Cowboys have said they would evaluate their receivers against the available talent pool after the preseason.

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