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Offseason | 2024

Tyler Smith focused on cemented left guard placement


FRISCO, Texas — Entering the 2024 draft cycle, a lot of questions were present about what Tyler Smith's best usage would be on the offensive line for the foreseeable future.

In his rookie season, Smith stepped in for an injured Tyron Smith at left tackle and excelled before sliding inside to left guard for his second season where he notched a second-team All-Pro nomination. With Tyron Smith now departed, the Cowboys had a decision to make when drafting offensive line replacements and how they would fit with their idea of Tyler Smith's best fit.

The Cowboys answered that question by drafting Tyler Guyton with their first-round selection, giving Tyler Smith clarity on his future being at left guard.

"I'm definitely excited knowing where I'm going to be at and what I need to improve on," Smith said. "Obviously, we have to stay ready. That's part of our mantra, five as one. If anything happens, everybody has to step up. I'm definitely excited to work at that spot and continue to get better."

Earlier in the offseason, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones compared Smith to 11-time Pro Bowl Hall of Famer Larry Allen in his ability to play both left tackle and left guard at a Pro Bowl level. When hearing that, Smith is grateful but is still focused on his own mission ahead.

"It's huge, for sure," he said. "Knowing Larry and how great he was, I'm just on a mission to be the best me, the best Tyler Smith that I can be every single day. Improve, stay hungry and keep that passion to continue to get better."

Now with his future mostly set in stone, Smith will be helping bring along a new center in 2024 after the departure of Tyler Biadasz. Having Zack Martin on the other side of the line will certainly help that transition, but Smith is taking it upon himself as well to smoothen the transition for whoever ends up winning that competition.

"It all starts in that o-line room, but definitely with communication," he said about what he will have to help with the most. "Centers have a lot on their plate and obviously it will be a new center, so just communicating with him and keeping him up to speed. Taking as much off his plate as we possibly can so we can play the best we possibly can."

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