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Vickers, Hatcher Voice Support For Brent In Difficult Times

IRVING, Texas -The Cowboys' locker room was relatively quiet on Wednesday after practice. There were not a lot of players willing to talk to the media. The middle of the week brings with it serious preparation for Sunday's game against Pittsburgh, but the tragic death of Jerry Brown still weighs heavy on the hearts and minds of the entire team.

Owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett had both already expressed the team's support of Josh Brent, who was behind the wheel during the accident that killed Brown. But on Wednesday, two players who have special connections to Brent elaborated on the care they have for the defensive lineman.

Lawrence Vickers, whose locker is next to Brent's, was asked how the entire ordeal left him feeling.

"That's my brother," Vickers said. "I think that's self-explanatory. My feelings don't really matter compared to the things that he's going through. You have to be with your brother in a time of need and this is one of those times. "

Vickers said that it is a grieving process for everyone involved and that only time will heal the wounds.

"You just have to try to maintain and keep yourself busy during times like these," Vickers said. "You just got to keep working and keep pushing and make sure we stay focused on the task at hand. Every day will get better."

Vickers personally talked to Brent in the last few days and said that he tried his best to give him advice to get through the pain.

"I had to tell him in a situation like this you have to keep you your head up," Vickers said. "Most of all you just got to pray, man. You got to wear yourself out with prayer."

Jason Hatcher is a part of the close-knit defensive line that Brent had been thriving in this season. He talked about his feelings for Brent in the wake of the accident.

"It's real tough," Hatcher said. "We lost a brother. But we didn't *lose *him; he's going to be around. He's got our support. He's our brother. He's family. I told him he's going to play football again. We're going to do everything we can to fight for him."

Hatcher also talked about his interaction with Brent in the last few days.

"It's easy in that situation to feel alone," Hatcher said. "I hugged him as a brother, as my little brother, cause that's the way I feel about him. … I would do anything in the world to help him out in this process."

Hatcher went on to talk about the last Sunday's game and the team's ability to perform despite the tragedy that was hanging over their head.

"It showed the character of this team and what kind of guys we have," Hatcher said.  "We rallied behind Jerry and (Brent) as well. It was a great thing. I'm honored to be a part of it. It was very special for me. I learned a lot from it."

Vickers explained that the incident made them stronger and that they will continue to support Brent based on the bond that they all share as a team.

"This is a family issue and we are going to keep it in-house, but at the same time everybody knows what happened, that ain't nothing you can hide," Vickers said. "But we're here for our brother at the end of the day. That's all that matters to us."

With all the controversy following Brent and all the differing opinions that are being voiced about him, the Cowboys locker room seems to be one place where he is welcomed with open arms.

"At the end of the day that's our brother," Hatcher said. "That's my brother. And I love him with all my heart."

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