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Victory Won't Mean Much To Witten If It's Not Built Upon

IRVING, Texas – The value of Sunday's victory won't mean much to Jason Witten if the Cowboys can't build on that success.

The Cowboys have yet to string together consecutive victories this season, and with four straight opponents with losing records on the horizon, Witten said Sunday's psychological lift will only mean something if it spawns more wins the next few weeks.

"Winning cures a lot of things," Witten said. "Having said that though, you go lose the following week, it kind of minimizes this win. So yeah that was a big win, yeah that can push us momentum wise and make a big push. To see that we have some fight after two tough losses to come back to get a win on the road, that shows a lot about our football team. But you've got to use that as momentum going forward and keep stacking those wins up."

Dallas scored more points from its special teams and defense in the fourth quarter than the offense scored all game.

After a 13-play drive in the first quarter, in which the Cowboys ran eight times and traveled 80 yards to answer the Eagles' opening score, the offense didn't score another touchdown until the clock ran out in the third quarter on a 30-yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant.

"We still can do a better job in the red zone and hopefully put up more points," Witten said. "Your defense is keeping you in all the games really. No different this week."

The big play from Bryant turned out to be just enough offensive output, as the Cowboys' special teams and defense guided the team the rest of the way. Witten said that early drive from the offense to answer the Eagles' first touchdown showed "some big maturity," and it's soothing to know the defense is capable of putting the game away if the offense can limit its mistakes.  

But Witten knows the offense needs to produce more points to get a winning streak going.  

"I thought Tony was phenomenal, the play he hit Miles (Austin) on to kind of keep that drive alive, and then of course that big play to Dez," Witten said. "We still can do a better job. We need to score more than 17 points as an offense. We know that. Really in the second half, your opportunities got really shortened because of the execution in the punt return and of course the pick six. But you need those kinds of breaks."

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