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Ware Closing In On Cowboys' All-Time Sack Record Of 114

Officially, DeMarcus Ware is already the Cowboys' all-time sack leader. Unofficially  and probably more importantly, Ware is still ranks fourth on the team rankings.

But he's moving up the charts fast with the top spot in his sights.

With four sacks this year, including two multiple-sack games already, Ware has 103.5 career sacks.

Since sacks did not become an official stat by the NFL until 1982, Ware is officially the Cowboys' all-time sack leader right now, with Jim Jeffcoat second at 94.5.

But the Cowboys do have unofficial stat records that date all the way back to the first season in 1960. And by those numbers, Ware is still fourth but trails sack-leader Harvey Martin by 10.5 sacks for first place.

Ware's next player to pass is Ed "Too Tall" Jones, who has 106 sacks, followed by Randy White at 111 and then Martin.

In short, Ware needs three sacks to pass Jones, eight for White and then 11 to best Martin's record and become the Cowboys' all-time sack leader – both officially and unofficially.

Ware entered the season with 99.5 sacks and got to 100 in the season opener when he sacked Eli Manning for one of his two sacks in the 24-17 win. Ware became the second-fastest player to get to 100 sacks in 113 games, only behind Reggie White (96 games).

To get into the record books, Ware would obviously have to get double-digits again, which would increase his streak to seven straight seasons, which would be tied for third-best in NFL history with Lawrence Taylor and Bruce Smith. Only Reggie White (nine) and John Randle (eight) have had more consecutive seasons with 10 or more sacks.

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