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Ware Returns- To AT&T Stadium With Cowboys Legacy Secure


ARLINGTON, Texas – If there was any doubt about DeMarcus Ware's legacy with the Dallas Cowboys, team owner/general manager Jerry Jones put them to rest Thursday evening.

In a pregame radio interview with 105.3 The Fan, Jones was asked where he thought Ware – a seven-time Pro Bowler, a four-time All-Pro and the franchise's all-time sack leader – would wind up in the Cowboys' famous Ring of Honor. Would Ware's name adorn the north side of the ring, alongside Larry Allen, or the south side, next to Charles Haley?

When that time comes, Jones said Ware can pick his spot.

"He's probably the very best player that we've probably, at this stage, that we've had to make a decision on -- I guess when Emmitt went over to the Cardinals, we had a little reservation obviously about that as well," Jones said. "He's such an asset for the Dallas Cowboys, for the NFL, I wish him the very best in Denver, we really do. He gave everything he had for the Dallas Cowboys. It was unfortunate the last couple years here, he was limited, but that doesn't take away anything from what he's done."

Photos from the Cowboys final preseason game against the Broncos.

Ware sat out of the Broncos' 27-3 victory, as established veterans are prone to do. Despite the fact that he didn't play a snap, the Cowboys great said it was surreal to be back in the confines of AT&T Stadium, where he played five seasons.

"When you're used to going into a stadium for at least five years and play for a team for nine years, you get accustomed to games," Ware said. "For the first time, going into the stadium to play the opposing team, which is the team you played with for so long (is different)."

The Cowboys released Ware in March, mainly as a move meant to save space on the salary cap. Just one day after hitting the free agent market, the sack artist signed a lucrative deal with the NFL [embedded_ad] runner-up Broncos – three years for $30 million.

"At the end of the day, it was a business decision for me to play with the Denver Broncos. I enjoy playing for the Denver Broncos organization," he said. "But it was also great to just see a lot of my old teammates and talk to a lot of people that you have old acquaintances with."

With his final preseason obstacle behind him, Ware now turns to the regular season, where he's expected to contribute to Denver's AFC title defense. Speaking to reporters Monday, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said he hopes Ware is successful in that effort.

"It'll be difficult, but at the same time I hope it all goes well for him. I hope he gets to the Super Bowl," he said.

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