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Ware Talks Shoulder Rehab; Clarifies His Romo Comments


GRAPEVINE, Texas – For the last eight years, DeMarcus Ware has hosted the annual Taste of the NFL event that raises money for childhood hunger. Every year, he gets introduced as a linebacker DeMarcus Ware, but this year was different.

Now, he's back to defensive end DeMarcus Ware as the Cowboys have switched defensive schemes to the 4-3 front. Ware, along with Jason Hatcher, helped organize the event held Sunday night at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine. The event helped raise money for the North Texas Food Bank.

But Ware did find some time to chat with reporters about football-related topics. Ware talked about that move, his rehab from Jan. 10 shoulder surgery and he clarified some comments he made last week regarding Tony Romo.

How does it feel to get back to work with the offseason program underway at Valley Ranch?

Ware: It feels good. Everybody showed up. We've got some changes with the 4-3, but it's going to be good for us. The offense is doing their thing. I think it's going pretty good.

How do you feel coming off the shoulder surgery?

Ware: It feels really good right now, but I hadn't had any impact yet. That's the whole deal of how much impact can you take? You don't want to take it too early and have a (setback). I'll do some OTAs and some minicamp and get ready for training camp.

Are you able to work out and get your strength back?

Ware: Oh yeah, I'm lifting. I'm benching and squatting. I'm just stabilizing the muscles around my shoulder. I've got full range of motion. I didn't have it like two weeks ago. But I've got it now."

How's your elbow injury?

Ware: It's going good. I'm so happy I didn't have to have surgery on it. That's a blessing.  

Can you talk about the comments you made last week about Romo, when it sounded like you were saying it's time for him to 'put up or shut up.?'

Ware: Any words you put out of your mouth, they're going to twist the words that you can change. I talked to Romo about that. It didn't come across as it was personified as. I tell them when it's time to play you put everything else behind you and put your best foot forward. He's that guy for us. And he's going to be that guy for us. That's (for) everybody. When you get out there it's put up or shut up. It's produce or don't get on the field."

Are you getting more comfortable with the 4-3 scheme?

Ware: I think it's going to be an easier transition. There's three or four defensive front you have to learn. But everything else comes off of technique and effort. The four guys up front, it's predicated off pressure. [embedded_ad]

Last year your numbers decreased towards the end last year. Would you credit all of that to the injuries you were playing with?

Ware: If you're playing out there with a cast on, an elbow brace and shoulder brace on and you have one arm, and you're going against a guy who's 350 pounds, it's a little bit different," Ware said. "But I feel like if you get out there and give it all you got and what you got, some people would have been sitting on the sideline, and I wasn't. So it's getting out there and doing what you can do to help the team.

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