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Ware To Face Familiar Offensive Tackle

IRVING, Texas – For years, DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer went against offensive tackle Marc Colombo every day in practice.

Now they'll face their old teammate on Thanksgiving Day. Waived post-lockout after starting five seasons in Dallas, Colombo is now manning right tackle for Miami under his old Cowboys line coach Tony Sparano.

Waiting is the NFL's sack leader Ware (14.0), who lines up on either side from game to game.

"It's going to be a lot different going against him (than practice)," Ware said Friday. "He's going to be a little bit more of a mauler guy.

". . . He's going to be 110 percent more juiced for this game because he knows me. He knows how I play, but I also know how he plays."

Play 60 Team Ware on Friday presented the 11-member Salvation Army Play 60 youth team with the Play 60 jerseys which they will wear on field pregame at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game and a certificate of achievement. Each team member also received an Xbox 360 console with Kinect to assist in their efforts of staying active.

The Cowboys and NFL Play 60 initiative is designed to tackle childhood obesity and inspire kids to play well and eat better.

"Now they have an opportunity in the comfort of their own home to get some exercise in 60 minutes a day," Ware said. "You know they'll play it for three or four hours, thinking they're doing something fun but they're also doing something productive."

Selected from The Salvation Army Cedar Crest Community Center, all 11 members are in The Salvation Army's Pop Warner football league. The youth team was selected because they demonstrate the five character traits valued by The Salvation Army's mission: being "Passionate, Compassionate, Brave, Uplifting and Trustworthy" both on and off the football field.   

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