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By now you've seen the NEW Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad photo, revealing the 34 lucky ladies who will be wearing the world famous, star-spangled uniform for the 2011 season. But, who's who? What's the age range? Where are they from? Who are the Group Leaders? Who's on Show Group? Who's married, or better yet, who's single? (Yes, I'm really going to tell you.) What are their phone numbers? (OK, now I'm just messing with you!)

Below is a breakdown of the squad's statistics that will answer all of your burning questions and hopefully help you in getting to know your 2011 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. (Not a stats kind of person? Don't worry, I've included fun, behind-the-scenes photos, too.)



34 Squad Members
17 Veterans
17 Rookies

18Age of Youngest DCC
31 Age of Wisest DCC

9 States Represented
Texas (duh!)
California – Jacqueline Bob
Florida – Mackenzie Lee
Idaho – Nicole Bulcher
Louisiana – Amelia Bren
Mississippi – Brittany Evans
Missouri – Ally Traylor
Ohio – Colleen Meghan
Utah – Courtney Cook

2 Countries Represented
Australia – Angela Rena

1 Five-Year Veteran
Ally Traylor

7 Four-Year Veterans
Sydney Durso
Brittany Evans
Kaitlin Ilseng
Whitney Isleib
Melissa Kellerman
Kelsi Reich
Cassie Trammell

5 Third -Year Veterans
Jacqueline Bob
Sunni Cranfill
Mia Greenhouse
Meagan McVay
Ashton Torres

4 Second-Year Veterans
Sasha Agent
Nicole Bulcher
Ann Lux
Lauren Williams

Ashton & Alyssa Torres

17 Rookies
Jenna Allison
Veronica Ann
Holly Arielle
Amelia Bren
Kamilah Brett
Alexandra Caroline
Courtney Cook
Cassie Kathleen
Amber Lea
Mackenzie Lee
Katy Marie
Emma Mary
Colleen Meghan
Meghan Michelle
Angela Rena
Brittney Schram
Alyssa Torres

2 Sisters
Ashton and Alyssa Torres

1 Legacy
Cassie Trammell, daughter of Judy Trammell, our choreographer and and a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

1 Married DCC
Brittany Evans – Congrats on your fourth wedding anniversary!

7 Engaged DCC
Holly Arielle
Sunni Cranfill
Kaitlin Ilseng
Katy Mare
Cassie Trammell
Ashton Torres

16 Single/In a Relationship/"It's Complicated" DCC

13 College Graduates
21 Pursuing Undergraduate Degrees

Group Leaders & Second Group Leaders

4 Group Leaders
Ally Traylor
Brittany Evans
Cassie Trammell
Whitney Isleib

4 Second Group Leaders
Sydney Durso
Ashton Torres
Jacqueline Bob
Sunni Cranfill

Each year, Kelli and Judy select eight squad members to serve in a leadership capacity for the duration of the season. For rehearsals and games, we practice and perform our quarter-change dances in four groups – two groups on each side of the field, located between the 20-yard line and the end zone. Four Cheerleaders are selected as Group Leaders and four more are selected as Second Leaders. Being entrusted with this role is an honor and a huge responsibility.

Group Leaders assist Kelli, Judy and the squad in multiple capacities:

  • Helping with rehearsals.
  • Assisting Judy with choreography (being Guiney pigs for new choreography ideas).
  • Teaching and communicating policies, procedures and traditions to squad.
  • Acting as liaisons between the DCC corporate office and the squad.
  • Locker Room relationship therapists for teammates (haha, joking! ….well, maybe not.).

"Play Calling" on the sidelines during games. Group Leaders have only a few seconds to identify the song playing and "call" a dance that the whole group performs together.

Seconds are Group Leaders in training and assist their Group Leaders whenever needed. When explaining the role of Seconds, for some reason I'm always reminded of the pageant world's infamous line "If, for any reason the [insert title] cannot fulfill her duties, the [first runner-up/reserve] will take her place."

So in our case, if for any reason the Group Leader cannot fulfill her duties, the Second Leader will take her place. Seconds really come into play during games when the Group Leader is taking her water break. The Second assumes all "calling" duties on the sidelines and leads the group until the Group Leader returns. Seconds are also essential for when their Group Leader is injured and unfortunately cannot practice or perform.

For example, last season, one day prior to our squad's first game, I suffered a knee injury that took me out of that game. My Second at the time, Cassie Trammell, was unexpectedly thrown into the role of being a Group Leader without any practice or ramp-up period. She did a GREAT job, and I was so grateful to have her years of experience and expertise on the sidelines, so our group felt comfortable, looked polished and had a great first game.

Group 1

This year's Group Leaders and Seconds are:

Group 1
Ally Traylor – Group Leader
Sydney Durso – Second

Group 2
Brittany Evans – Group Leader
Ashton Torres – Second

Group 3
Cassie Trammell – Group Leader
Jacqueline Bob – Second

Group 2

Group 4
Whitney Isleib – Group Leader
Sunni Cranfill – Second

9 Number of DCC in Group 1
Ally, Sydney, Kelsi, Ann, Nicole
Kamilah, Meghan Michelle, Cassie K, Emma

Group 3

8 Number of DCC in Group 2
Brittany Evans, Ashton, Kaitlin, Sasha
Alexandra, Angela, Jenna, Mackenzie

9 Number of DCC in Group 3
Cassie, Jacqueline, Melissa, Lauren
Alyssa, Colleen, Courtney, Holly, Katy

8 Number of DCC in Group 4
Whitney, Sunni, Meagan, Mia
Amber, Amelia, Brittney, Veronica

Group 4

16 Show Group Members (12 Show Group DCC selected for USO Tour)*
Brittany Evans (3 USO Tours)
Kelsi Reich (3 USO Tours)
Whitney Isleib (2 USO Tours)
Cassie Trammell (2 USO Tours)
Ally Traylor (2 USO Tours)
Sydney Durso (1 USO Tour)
Mia Greenhouse (1 USO Tour)
Meagan McVay (1 USO Tour)
Ashton Torres (1 USO Tour)
Jacqueline Bob (SG Rookie)
Sunni Cranfill (SG Rookie)
Melissa Kellerman (SG Rookie)
Holly Arielle (SG Rookie)
Cassie Kathleen (SG Rookie)
Emma Mary (SG Rookie)
Alyssa Torres (SG Rookie)

*DCC (then Training Camp Candidates) audition during Training Camp every summer for a spot on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group. Approximately 16 DCC are selected to train and rehearse as a team, with 12 being chosen to perform the elaborately costumed show "America and Her Music" on USO Tours and in various shows worldwide.

72 DCC USO Tours, more than any other entertainer or performance group!
(Our organization's 73rd tour is scheduled for December 2011.)

81 Number of dances/choreography combinations the squad learns and performs throughout the year

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