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Why Jerry Expects "Really Dramatic Improvement" From Dak In Year 2

INDIANAPOLIS – A month ago, Dak Prescott won AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award after leading the Cowboys to a franchise-record tying 13 wins – establishing himself as the team's quarterback of the present and future.

In a few months he'll return to the field with his teammates, looking to build on one of the best rookie seasons an NFL quarterback has ever produced.

What does Prescott's ceiling look like? Jones expects "really dramatic improvement" in Prescott's second year.

The reason lies in a similar trait Jones sees in Prescott and retired great Peyton Manning: serious motivation to maximize his full potential on the field.

"Peyton Manning, as talented as he was, as close to any player I've ever know of or ever seen, maximized a lot of his potential," Jones said Saturday from the NFL Scouting Combine. "I must say that I don't know that anybody has ever gotten it all. We've all heard just how little of our potential that we really do maximize. But that's from preparation and work.[embeddedad0]

"Everything that we have seen, Dak has those kinds of qualities that when you think of Peyton Manning, you think of how he really developed his skills, how hard he worked at it and how he really left nothing that he was aware of, how he addressed every nuance of his game.

"That's my picture of Peyton and I know it to be accurate. I think that might be Dak's finest quality, his ability to look for every way he can to get better and continue to do it."

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