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With 'Fantastic' Romo, Staubach Says Cowboys Ready To Make 1990s-Like Run

DALLAS – Taking snaps in the shotgun, firing passes all over the field, Roger Staubach was in his comfort zone again this week.

Even though this was just a flag football event, benefitting the Wounded Warriors Amputees, Staubach always plays to win, even during special occasions such as this.

Staubach led his team during the Wounded Warriors vs. NFL Alumni of Texas flag football game at Dallas Jesuit High School. The game featured former Cowboys greats such as Drew Pearson, Charles Haley, Daryl Johnston, Chad Hennings, Greg Ellis, Tom Rafferty, Tony Tolbert and Larry Brown. ESPN's Kenny Mayne was also a participant in the event.

"It's inspiring to be with these guys and the sacrifices they've made," Staubach said. "It's really inspiring to be around these guys and play some football. I was a Navy for four years and proud to be part of that fraternity. I'm extremely proud of it."

Speaking of proud, Staubach said it's a fun time to be associated with the Cowboys once again, especially after a 12-4 season that included a playoff run.

Staubach said there is a definite buzz in Dallas about the team.

"Oh yeah, there's no question about it," Staubach said of the excitement. "In the '90s, it was a lot of fun to go to work every day, watching the Cowboys win. Now, it looks like we're headed there again. It makes a big difference."

Staubach has always been a huge supporter of Tony Romo, even when it wasn't a popular national opinion. Obviously that tune hasn't changed a bit.

"I'm just mystified that we're not all Tony Romo supporters," Staubach said. "He's a fantastic football player. He needs some good people around him like we all do in life. He's a winning, franchise quarterback."

While the pressure to win might be a little higher this year for the Cowboys, coming off their successful 2014 campaign, Staubach said the target on the team's back really never changes.

"You love the Cowboys or you really don't like the Cowboys. I think they're followed all over the country and even when we're having a rough time, people are still following the Cowboys," Staubach said. "I think it goes back to the man in the hat standing on the sidelines with his arms crossed. Coach Landry won for 20 straight years, Troy Aikman and Jerry's teams in the '90s. … We've been in the thick of it. Hopefully we're back in the thick of it again."

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