Witten Still Focused Despite Pro Bowl Snub

Make no mistake, tight end Jason Witten is focused on one thing and that includes wearing NFC East Champions T-shirts and caps following Sunday night's game in New York.

He knows the team goal is the ultimate prize, but he's human, too. So when asked if he was disappointed to see his seven-year streak of Pro Bowl selections come to an end, Witten didn't hide it.

"Sure it is," Witten said of the disappointment. "You always focus on trying to help your team win a championship, but along the way, you want to be the best at your position. The other two guys had great seasons. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Give those guys credit. They had great years."

Those other two guys are New Orleans' Jimmy Graham, a first-time selection and Atlanta's Tony Gonzalez, arguably one of the NFL's best tight ends of all-time.

With both Graham and Gonzalez already in the playoffs, there is a chance the NFC will need to use an alternate tight end. Witten said he wasn't aware if he was an alternate and the Cowboys do not announce Pro Bowl alternates, either to the players or media.

What Witten was rather sure about was which quarterback will be tossing the ball to him this week. He said Tony Romo looked sharp in practice and he couldn't even notice that Romo was dealing with a bruised right hand.

"I thought he did good. I thought he was throwing the ball well. I couldn't tell any difference," Witten said of Romo. "He does a good job of not letting those things getting the way of what we do. From the receiving in, he's as good as he always is."

As for beating the Giants, Witten said he expects another hard-fought game but said there won't be a confidence issue with his team.

"We feel like we play our best ball when are backs are against the wall," Witten said. "We recognize we're a good team. We played well in the last game against them but just fell short. But the confidence is definitely there." 

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