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Witten Thinks Current Team Can Win, Just Need To Close Out


IRVING, Texas – Jason Witten's still looking for his first championship ring after finishing arguably his greatest season in his 10-year career.

The Cowboys haven't signed any new players from other teams this offseason, but that doesn't appear to unsettle the prolific tight end, who said the current team should be able to compete in the postseason.

"As a captain, we're all obligated to look back at the year and see how we want to fix it moving forward,"

Witten said. "I think we have to do that personally at our own position, but we have to do it as a team. I think it's, 'Are you good enough to compete what it takes in this league,' and I think the answer is yes, I do think that we have the guys that can do that."

Witten's played in 159 regular season games and has suited up for every game in each of the last nine seasons. But he's only played in five postseason games in his professional career.

The Cowboys once again got to the end of the season with a chance to reach the playoffs, before coming up just short.

"Ultimately, it comes down to going out and executing," Witten said. "So, I think the focus for me with our team is to find a way to execute in those situations. We have premium players that can compete and win in this league, now it's just putting it together and doing that."

Unless the Cowboys make a late push for some of the many higher profile free agents still available, Witten can only hope to achieve his goal of winning a Super Bowl with the current personnel surrounding him.

Rather than hoping for new players, his focus is on making the current group a contender.

[embedded_ad] "There's a new scheme in some ways, defensively, but I think we do have the right guys that can do that, and to focus on making those plays in those situations that are the difference between winning those games and just coming up short," he said. "That's where my attention is, and I'm excited to get started."

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