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WRs Coach Hopeful, But Not Confident No. 3 WR Is On Team

OXNARD, Calif. – The race for the third wide receiver spot is underway, with a plethora of Cowboys vying for the coveted position. But that player may not yet be on the team.

Wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said he's hopeful, but not confident, the third wide receiver is already wearing a Cowboys jersey.

"This preseason is going to tell the tale on that," Robinson said. "Practice gives you an indication. What happens when it's for real? We'll see if we get what we're looking for, if it's by committee or it's not on the team yet. It's hard to answer."

With Miles Austin still sidelined with a hamstring injury, Kevin Ogletree has taken most of the reps as the second receiver. After shining in the two-minute drill, Cole Beasley has slid in at the slot in most three wide receiver sets, while Andre Holmes, Dwayne Harris, Tim Benford and Raymond Radway are also getting looks.

Robinson said Ogletree is slightly separated from the rest of the pack because of his familiarity with the offense and playmaking in practice. Robinson and head coach Jason Garrett both said they'll keep the best player at the position, which Ogletree hasn't locked down.

"It's a competitive situation with a lot of guys that are all kind of there together," Robinson said. "We need somebody to step up and away from the crowd."

Robinson is looking for a player that can beat man coverage in the slot, catch the ball in traffic and convert third downs. Most of all, he said he wants a receiver who makes plays in his limited opportunities.

Until then, the third wide receiver spot remains wide open.

"I'm not sure about being confident yet," Robinson said. "But I am hopeful. I think we're moving in the right direction, but we're nowhere close to where we need to be yet to be a championship football team."

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