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Young Players Need Offseason With Woicik

IRVING, Texas --Of Jason Garrett's staff hires last winter, strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik had the longest wait.

The four-month NFL lockout eliminated the Cowboys' offseason training program. Woicik's primary office, the weight room at Valley Ranch, was empty until late July.

With labor peace now established, Woicik's program will start on time in a couple of months. And the primary beneficiaries are the Cowboys' 2011 rookies, who became professionals last summer without any offseason time in a professional setting.

Woicik has six Super Bowl rings with the Cowboys and Patriots. He knows how to physically prepare a team for a 16-game grind.

The young offensive lineman in particular need time: tackle Tyron Smith; guard Bill Nagy, who broke his ankle; and guard David Arkin, who essentially redshirted and needed to get stronger.

"It's more of a maintenance-type situation (during the season). The offseason is really when (Woicik) gets to work," Garrett said. "We're excited about the opportunity to have our players be with him -- our older players and also our younger players because I think he has a track record of developing individual players and hopefully help develop our football team."

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