Zeke's Red Kettle Leap Sparks $250,000 Bump In Donations To Salvation Army

FRISCO, Texas – To think, with one simple jump, Ezekiel Elliott jump-started what has been a staggering display of goodwill at the height of the holiday season.

It was obvious from the get-go that Elliott's decision to hop into one of the massive red Salvation Army kettles on the sideline at AT&T Stadium would be a memorable moment in this Cowboys season.

What wasn't as obvious was the type of impact it would have. According to numbers provided by The Salvation Army, the organization has seen $850,000 in donations in roughly two days since the Cowboys' star running back jumped in their kettle.

For added perspective, that's a $250,000 spike in the amount of donations from this time just a week ago.

Elliott wasn't done there, as he tweeted on Monday night that, given the NFL's decision not to fine him for the celebration, he would be donating $21,000 to The Salvation Army regardless. He also encouraged fans to add $21 donations of their own.

In less than 24 hours since that tweet was posted, Elliott's separate call for donations has raised $17,000 to this point.

To say the boost in giving will go a long way is a massive understatement. The Salvation Army estimates that the $250,000 spike will allow them to serve an additional 91,000 meals to people in need. Elliott's $21,000 donation alone will provide for 8,000 meals.

With all of that in mind, it's understandable why The Salvation Army, not to mention Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones, were thrilled to see Elliott hop into the kettle on Sunday night – penalty flag and all.

"We have those kettles there because we do want the visibility of reminding everybody, certainly at this time of year, how doing the most good is to put a dollar in that red kettle," Jones said on Monday. "To have gotten that attention in front of probably 20 million or so people last night for The Salvation Army was just wonderful."

Donations can be made here.

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