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Videos - December 2019

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2019-12-01 Jason Garrett: Injury Updates; CHI Prep Begins
2019-12-01 Xavier Su’a-Filo: Same Approach
2019-12-01 Travis Frederick: Sense Of Urgency
2019-12-01 Zack Martin: Clean Slate Mentality
2019-12-01 Ezekiel Elliott: No Confidence Lost
2019-12-02 Cover 4: Can Cowboys Turn It Around?
2019-12-02 Talkin' Cowboys: A Critical December
2019-12-02 Cowboys Break: Back & Forth
2019-12-02 Radio Heads: Cold Weather Survival Tips
2019-12-02 Jason Witten: Very Focused Team
2019-12-02 Kris Richard: No Margin For Error
2019-12-02 Cowboys Flashback: Not Good Enough
2019-12-03 Cowboys Hour: Joe Looney & Kerry Hyder
2019-12-03 Cover 4: What To Know For TNF? 
2019-12-03 Cowboys Reveal Their 2019 My Cause, My Cleats 
2019-12-03 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For CHI; Injury Updates
2019-12-03 Talkin' Cowboys: Which Team Rebounds?
2019-12-03 Cowboys Break: Picking a W?
2019-12-03 Hangin' with the Boys: Verbal Assassin
2019-12-03 La'el Collins: You Can't Say It, You Gotta Do It
2019-12-03 Zeke, Dak & Witten Compete in Supermarket Sweep
2019-12-03 Análisis de Juego: Tarik Cohen y Khalil Mack
2019-12-04 Blueprint: Time To Be Special
2019-12-04 Dak Prescott Explains Mind Over Matter
2019-12-04 Know Más: Michael Gallup vs. Randall Cobb
2019-12-04 Cowboys Insider: Talk is Cheap; Time to Win
2019-12-05 Round Table: Who Needs to Step Up in Chicago?
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott Does Signature Dance Before 'TNF'
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott Finds Jarwin for Early First Down
2019-12-06 Ezekiel Elliott Launches Across Goal Line for TD
2019-12-06 Jourdan Lewis Looks Like WR on Toe-Dragging INT
2019-12-06 Ezekiel Elliott Surpasses 1,000 yards
2019-12-06 Michael Bennett Muscles Through for Sack
2019-12-06 Dallas Defense Forces David Montgomery Fumble
2019-12-06 Michael Gallup Makes Back-to-Back Elite Catches
2019-12-06 Ezekiel Elliott Churns Through for 4th-Down TD
2019-12-06 Amari Cooper Passes 1,000-yard Mark
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott Drops Perfect TD to Cooper
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott Drives downfield Strike to Cobb
2019-12-06 Cowboys at Bears Highlights | Week 14
2019-12-06 First Word: Repeat Performance
2019-12-06 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 14 at CHI
2019-12-06 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 14 at CHI
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 14 at CHI
2019-12-06 Locker Room Reaction: Offense on Loss to CHI
2019-12-06 Cowboys Game Night: Cowboys Lose 3rd Straight
2019-12-06 Cowboys Post Game Show with Brad & Babe
2019-12-06 Cover 4: Instant Reactions To TNF Loss 
2019-12-06 Talkin' Cowboys: What Now?
2019-12-06 Hangin' with the Boys: Must We Talk About It?
2019-12-06 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Bears
2019-12-07 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 14 at CHI | 2019
2019-12-09 Cover 4: Biggest Cowboys Concern?
2019-12-09 Talkin' Cowboys: Search For Solutions
2019-12-09 Cowboys Break: News Breaks
2019-12-09 Hangin' with the Boys: Take 'Em Off The Field
2019-12-09 Radio Heads: Upgrade At Kicker?
2019-12-09 Cowboys Holiday Visits To Local Hospitals | 2019
2019-12-10 Kai Forbath: I’m Here To Make Kicks
2019-12-10 Cowboys Hour: Dak Prescott
2019-12-10 Cover 4: Will the NFC East turn into a beast?
2019-12-10 Talkin' Cowboys: Unsettled Division
2019-12-10 Cowboys Break: Players or Scheme?
2019-12-10 Hangin' with the Boys: Am I That Guy?
2019-12-10 Player's Lounge: Has The Problem Been Fixed?
2019-12-11 Jason Garrett: Keeping Confidence
2019-12-11 Cowboys Insider: Time to Win From Within
2019-12-11 Talkin' Cowboys: Here's The Rundown
2019-12-11 Cowboys Break: What’s Missing?
2019-12-11 Ezekiel Elliott: Should Be At An All-Time High
2019-12-12 Happy Hour: Roger Staubach
2019-12-12 Cover 4: Old School vs. New School
2019-12-12 Jason Garrett: Wade Phillips Scheme's Evolution
2019-12-12 Talkin' Cowboys: Sounding Off
2019-12-12 Travis Frederick: Man of the Year Nominee | 2019
2019-12-12 Cowboys Break: Any Pro Bowlers?
2019-12-12 Hangin' with the Boys: Snowflake to an Avalanche
2019-12-12 #AskTheBoys: Loss, Actually
2019-12-12 Jason Witten: This Opportunity Is Rare
2019-12-12 Dak Prescott: We’ve Got To Get A Win
2019-12-12 Kellen Moore: Score More Touchdowns
2019-12-12 Amari Cooper: It's Going To Be A Battle
2019-12-12 Somos Cowboys Radio: Preparándonos para los Rams
2019-12-13 Cover 4: Will They Beat a Winning Team?
2019-12-13 #CowboysNation & Layla Fighting Spina Bifida
2019-12-13 Special Edition: Back On Track Against The Rams?
2019-12-13 Film Room: Against The NFL’s Best
2019-12-13 Cowboys Rewind: No Confidence Lost
2019-12-13 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For LAR; Injury Updates
2019-12-13 Hangin' with the Boys: It’s All About Effort
2019-12-13 Cowboys Break: How to Win
2019-12-13 DeMarcus Lawrence: Bringing Intensity
2019-12-13 Jason Garrett Show: Rested and Ready To Go?
2019-12-15 Pregame Live - #LARvsDAL | 2019
2019-12-15 Dak Prescott Executes Scramble Drill For 19 Yards
2019-12-15 Jason Witten Snags Stellar One-Handed TD
2019-12-15 Hear the Cowboys' Coin-Toss Call vs the Rams
2019-12-15 Tavon Austin Burns Former Team for 59-yard TD
2019-12-15 Tony Pollard Stampedes For 25-yard Gain
2019-12-15 Jerry Jones Celebrates Cowboys' 97-yard TD Drive
2019-12-15 Blake Jarwin Moves Chains with 20-yard Catch
2019-12-15 Sean Lee's Gets a Key INT Before Half
2019-12-15 Ezekiel Elliott Scores His Second TD of the Half
2019-12-15 Officials Decide to let Dallas Receive the 2nd Half
2019-12-15 Sean Lee Makes a HUGE 3rd-Down Sack
2019-12-15 Kai Forbath's first FG with Cowboys is 50-yards
2019-12-15 Cowboys Force Rams to Turnover on Downs
2019-12-16 Dak Fakes Handoff Then Throws to Zeke
2019-12-16 Kai Forbath Drills 42-Yard Field Goal
2019-12-16 Tony Pollard Breaks Free for a 33-Yard Pickup
2019-12-16 Jourdan Lewis Sacks Jared Goff on CB Blitz
2019-12-16 Rams vs Cowboys Highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 15 vs LAR
2019-12-16 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 15 vs LAR
2019-12-16 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 15 vs LAR
2019-12-16 Tony Pollard Eclipses 100-Yards With 44-Yard TD
2019-12-16 Locker Room Reaction: We're Still A Good Team
2019-12-16 Ezekiel Elliott's Best Plays vs Rams | Week 15
2019-12-16 Sean Lee: "We Felt Like Our Identity Was At Risk"
2019-12-16 Cowboys OT: Cowboys Bounce Back in Huge Way
2019-12-16 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys arrasan con los Rams en victoria 44-21
2019-12-16 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #LARvsDAL
2019-12-16 Dallas Cowboys Postgame | #LARvsDAL
2019-12-16 Cover 4: Best Cowboys Game of the Season?
2019-12-16 Talkin' Cowboys: Building Off This W?
2019-12-16 Hangin' with the Boys: Hanging With Omar Epps
2019-12-16 Radio Heads: Coin Flip Controversy
2019-12-16 Cowboys Flashback: Flipping the Script
2019-12-16 Tyrone Crawford: Going as Hard as I Can
2019-12-17 Cover 4: Who has better odds in #DALvsPHI?
2019-12-17 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Rams
2019-12-17  Holiday Shopping Spree with Jaylon Smith | 2019
2019-12-17 Talkin' Cowboys: Pollard’s Potential
2019-12-17 Hangin' with the Boys: Nobody Ever Wants To Lose
2019-12-17 Player's Lounge: Where Was This Team All Year?
2019-12-18 Cover 4: Under More Pressure: Prescott or Wentz? 
2019-12-18 SeatGeek Stadium Tour with Michael Gallup
2019-12-18 Cowboys Insider: Back on Track, Just in Time
2019-12-18 Hangin' with the Boys: 14 Karat or Fool’s Gold
2019-12-18 Cooper Rush: Just Do Your Job
2019-12-18 Travis Frederick: Means A Lot To Me
2019-12-19 Talkin' Cowboys: Dak Update & Eagles Rivalry
2019-12-19 Análisis de Juego: Miles Sanders y la defensa de los Eagles
2019-12-19 Cowboys Break: Back to Basics?
2019-12-19 Somos Cowboys Radio: Camino a Philadelphia
2019-12-19 Dak Prescott: I'm Getting Better
2019-12-19 Kellen Moore: We Feel Optimistic
2019-12-19 Kris Richard: It's A Natural Fit For Us
2019-12-19 Amari Cooper: We Know The Importance of This
2019-12-19 Film Room: Philadelphia's Offensive Weapons
2019-12-20 Cover 4: Dak Status, Flying to A Win & More
2019-12-20 Blueprint: Pressure On For Points
2019-12-20 Cowboys Break: Winning Without Dak?
2019-12-20 Jason Garrett Show: Battle for the East
2019-12-20 Special Edition: ‘Boys Head To Philly 
2019-12-20 Jeff Heath: We've Come to Expect That From Dak
2019-12-20 Randall Cobb: Find A Way To Win
2019-12-20 Byron Jones: Play Our Best
2019-12-20 Sean Lee: It’s An Inspiration
2019-12-20 Dr Pepper Locker Room Surprise With Joe Looney
2019-12-20 Show The World. | #DALvsPHI
2019-12-22 Pregame Live - #DALvsPHI | 2019
2019-12-22 Xavier Woods Swallows Up Sanders on 3rd Down
2019-12-22 Michael Gallup Outmuscles DB for 41-Yard Snag
2019-12-23 Randall Cobb Lays Out For Clutch 4th-&-Long Grab
2019-12-23 Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights | Week 16
2019-12-23 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 16 at PHI
2019-12-23 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 16 at PHI
2019-12-23 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 16 at PHI
2019-12-23 Locker Room Reaction: It's Very Disappointing
2019-12-23 Primer Vistazo: Los Cowboys ya no controlan su destino
2019-12-23 Cowboys OT: Failing To Clinch in Philadelphia
2019-12-23 Cowboys Game Night: Denied by the Eagles
2019-12-23 DCC In Motion Vol. 9 | 2019
2019-12-23 Cowboys Break: The Blame Game 
2019-12-23 Hangin' with the Boys: Where Are The Dogs?
2019-12-23 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Eagles
2019-12-24 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 16 at PHI | 2019
2019-12-24 Cowboys Insider: Eagles Kill Cowboys Chances
2019-12-26 Cover 4: Make Or Break Matchups in #WASvsDAL
2019-12-26 Talkin' Cowboys: A Puzzling Season
2019-12-26 Cowboys Break: Paying Dak?
2019-12-26 Hangin' with the Boys: Right Pieces? Right Place?
2019-12-26 Zack Martin: Control What We Can Control
2019-12-26 Kellen Moore: Going Through The Process
2019-12-26 Somos Cowboys Radio: Dallas sigue en busca de un lugar en la postemporada
2019-12-27 Cover 4: Will They Get to the Playoffs?
2019-12-27 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For WAS; Injury Updates
2019-12-27 Talkin' Cowboys: Who Wins The East?
2019-12-27 Cowboys Break: Playoff Bound?
2019-12-27 Somos Cowboys TV: Preparación para el encuentro ante los Redskins
2019-12-27 Special Edition: Will ‘Boys Salvage Season?
2019-12-27 Sean Lee: Stick To Your Preparation
2019-12-27 Amari Cooper: I Want To Be Here
2019-12-29 Pregame Live - #WASvsDAL | 2019
2019-12-29 Dak Prescott Warms Up Before #WASvsDAL
2019-12-29 Jaylon Smith Nabs First Career INT off Keenum
2019-12-29 Cowboys' D capitalize on Adrian Peterson Fumble
2019-12-29 Kai Forbath Drills 47-Yard FG Attempt
2019-12-29 Amari Cooper Makes an Outstanding 48-Yard Grab
2019-12-29 Dak Escapes to Hit Zeke For Toe-Tapping TD
2019-12-29 Zeke's Cutback Puts DB on His Back on TD Run
2019-12-29 Dak Prescott's Stiff Arm is Out of Control
2019-12-29 Michael Gallup with the Twisting Circus Grab for TD
2019-12-30 Randall Cobb Gets Open for 32-yard Catch and Run
2019-12-30 Michael Gallup Down the Sideline on 32-Yard TD
2019-12-30 Michael Gallup Scores His Third TD Late
2019-12-30 Redskins vs Cowboys Highlights | Week 17
2019-12-30 Ezekiel Elliott's Best Plays vs Redskins | Week 17
2019-12-30 Dak Prescott's Best Plays vs Redskins | Week 17
2019-12-30 Michael Gallup's Best Plays vs Redskins | Week 17
2019-12-30 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 17 vs WAS
2019-12-30 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 17 vs WAS
2019-12-30 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas del último partido de la temporada
2019-12-30 Ezekiel Elliott: Proud of This Group
2019-12-30 Jason Witten: An Opportunity of a Lifetime
2019-12-30 Jaylon Smith: Utmost Respect of Jason Garrett
2019-12-30 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 17 vs WAS
2019-12-30 Blake Jarwin: I Think I'm Ready
2019-12-30 Cowboys OT: Season Ending Win Over Washington
2019-12-30 Cowboys Game Night: The Inconsistent Season Ends
2019-12-30 The Greatest Fans on Earth: Tattoo Mark
2019-12-30 Cover 4: Future of the Franchise
2019-12-30 DCC In Motion Vol. 7 | 2019
2019-12-30 Hangin' with the Boys: Keep It Real
2019-12-30 Travis Frederick: Today Is A Big Day For Reflection
2019-12-30 Sean Lee: I’m Going to Take Some Time
2019-12-31 Cowboys Flashback: A Disappointing Win
2019-12-31 DCC In Motion Vol. 5 | 2019
2019-12-31 Cowboys Break: Who’s Coming Back?
2019-12-31 Hangin' with the Boys: No News Is …
2019-12-31 Cowboys Hour: Michael Gallup & Randall Cobb