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10) Most Important Game on Cowboys Schedule


10) Most Important Game on Cowboys Schedule?

Patrik Walker: It's a brutal schedule with many matchups that qualify for this answer, but look no further than the Week 14 matchup against the Eagles as the most important game of the regular season. That's because, by that point, the two will likely be locked in a mad dash for the NFC East throne, likely with the Giants waiting to benefit from the outcome in some way as well. This has the air of a playoff matchup and the Cowboys will need to protect home field as well, in what has the potential to be the Game of the Year.

Kurt Daniels: Though early in the schedule, the game that really stands out to me is the Oct. 8 showdown at San Francisco. There will be demons to exorcise as the 49ers have handed the Cowboys playoff defeats in each of the last two seasons. Yes, the division battles against the Eagles will be huge and traveling to Buffalo will be a tough test, but if Dallas can go into Levi's Stadium and knock off the 49ers, that would prove this team is for real and hopefully provide a confidence that carries them all the way to the Super Bowl.

Nick Eatman: Lot of options here, but you guys should know by now what I'm going to say. It's always Week 2 for me. That's always the game I point to on the schedule. Look at this stat – the Cowboys have been 2-0 to start a regular season 25 times, and have had just one losing season in that span. When they start 0-2, which has happened six times, they've had five losing seasons. The only exception was 1993 when Emmitt Smith didn't play and he came back to lead them to a Super Bowl. The point is, if you win the opener, winning Week 2 is huge. If you lose the opener, you can't lose Week 2. And now, throw in that it's against none other than Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, this game is super important from a psychological standpoint.

Mickey Spagnola: Aside from the obvious, the season opener at the Giants and on national TV since you certainly hate to start the season 0-1, especially with a revamped offensive coaching staff, including new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, new play caller head coach Mike McCarthy and somewhat of a new offensive scheme, I'm going with Game 5, Oct. 8 at San Francisco. It's time. It's time the Cowboys dispel this notion they can't solve the 49ers riddle after having lost to them in the playoff in the past two seasons. Who knows what takes place in 2023, but if the Cowboys qualify for the playoffs and mist face the Niners a third consecutive time, sure would be a confidence boost, no matter where the game is played, having already beaten them during the regular season. Plus, they would avoid having to face the constant reminder sure to arise, "well the Cowboys haven't beaten San Francisco since Dec. 20 of 2020.

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