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14) Which Day 2 Draft Pick Contributes The Most?


(Editor's Note: Over the next month, the staff of is looking to answer the 20 biggest questions facing the team heading into 2021. Today, we'll ask the writers to predict the best rookie season for the four Day 2 draft picks.)

FRISCO, Texas – Like most years, the success of a draft class will depend mightily on the success of the first-round pick.

This year is no exception. If Micah Parsons turns out to be a great pick, it's likely the Cowboys will be on their way to having a great draft as well.

But taking a class from good to great is the success of the second and third rounds. And the Cowboys have four picks from Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

So let's find out which of these rookies – Kelvin Joseph, Osa Odighizuwa, Chauncey Golston and Nahshon Wright – will have the most success in 2021?

14) Which Day 2 Draft Pick Contributes The Most?

Nick Eatman: I'm going to say Osa Odighizuwa for this one. They all will probably have some kind of role, but it's hard to predict the corners with Joseph and Wright. But Osa will probably get himself in the rotation enough to make the biggest difference. The more I think about this one, I could be convinced on Chauncey Golston because he actually might play more in pass-rushing situations and could get some sacks. But I'll stick with Odighizuwa because I think he will get the chance to get plenty of reps as he rotates with the likes of Neville Gallimore, Trysten Hill and maybe even the free-agent additions of Brent Urban and Carlos Watkins.

Rob Phillips: We didn't see much of Kelvin Joseph in OTAs and minicamp because a quarantine period prevented him from practicing. But I still think Joseph will play the most of the four Day 2 draft picks, and he's probably got the best chance to be a walk-in starter, too. It won't be easy to overtake Anthony Brown or Jourdan Lewis for playing time, and fellow rookie Nahshon Wright had an impressive stretch of practices in the offseason. But I think Joseph's talent will take over once he settles in for a month of training camp and preseason. He might not start right away, but he'll play. The Cowboys drafted him in the second round for a reason.

David Helman: Mark me down as a believer in Osa Odighizua. The Cowboys liked him enough to make him the first of three third-round picks, and they clearly plan for him to get after the passer. It also helps that the defensive tackle depth chart is wide open. There should be plenty of snaps to go around at that position – and if Odighizua plays well enough, it's not insane to think he could grab a starting job.

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