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3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus Talks Spencer's Calls; Armstrong

The Cowboys are getting ready for the final stretch of five games this season and need to get on a roll fast to make the postseason.
Football analyst Bryan Broaddus tackles three pressing questions for the Cowboys as the team prepares to face the Eagles for the second time in a month. They've got a new wide receiver and a new defensive quarterback as well.

What have you seen from Anthony Armstrong on film and do you think his signing has anything to do with the lack of excitement they have in other young receivers such as Harris and Beasley?

Broaddus:  One of the first things that you notice about Armstrong's game is his ability to run. This has carried over from his days at West Texas A&M where he was timed at 4.38. He was a much more productive player when he got opportunities in Washington during the 2010 season than any of his recent body of work. The move here for Holmes is more about what he lacked than what Beasley or Harris give you. It was an opportunity to add an explosive player that could potentially stretch the field where Holmes didn't give you that.   

Were you surprised Anthony Spencer said he was going to call the defensive plays and not a middle linebacker?

Broaddus:  At first, I was very surprised because I assumed that it would be Connor but with the way that he and Sims switched in and out, you would need someone that never comes off the field. If you look at the situation, Spencer never comes off the field so from that sense it makes perfect sense.

When you face a division team twice in a four-week span, is it easier or harder to prepare?

Broaddus: Sounds like the Eagles are just as banged up as this Cowboys squad but both teams will press on. There will be questions about the health of Michael Vick and whether he can make it back. There are the questions about LeSean McCoy but if he is out, Bryce Brown appears more than ready to take his place. There are some questions about the health of Fletcher Cox so do they have to prepare for a different defensive tackle? With all these questions, that's what makes it hard but this team still has Jason Babin, Trent Cole and a group of cornerbacks that gave these Cowboys receivers problems. On the other side of the coin, Morris Claiborne now understands Riley Cooper's game and when he was faced receivers the second time around, like he did against the Giants, he played much better. A lot of backup players getting ready for both sides in this one Sunday night.

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