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Advantage Cowboys Against NE's Defense

In any other match-up, the fact the Cowboys have a high-powered offense, two weeks to prepare and facing the NFL's worst defense would seemingly be a bigger factor in the game.

For some reason, it's being overlooked. Maybe it has something to do with that Tom Brady guy over there running New England's offense. Stats are stats and we can make whatever we want out of them.

Yes, the Patriots are dead last in the NFL in total defense, allowing 433 yards per game. And yes, they're last in passing defense, surrendering 326.6 yards per game through the air.  Throw in the fact the Cowboys are sixth in total offense and third in passing offense and that could be a way the Cowboys have success this Sunday in Foxboro.

Then again, it's being overlooked. And rightfully so when you factor in those stats are based off yards only, not points. So the Patriots have been racking up big leads in every game, even the one they lost in Buffalo, the Pats were up 21-0.

So of course teams are going to pass on them to get back in the game and the Patriots are probably not as aggressive, trying to prevent the big play.

So yes, stats can be deceiving at times. However, dead last is dead last. This isn't the 2000 Ravens over there on defense for the Patriots, who have had better defenses over the years.

Obviously, to beat the Patriots, you have to score points because you know they will. But at least the Patriots' weakness will be matched up against the Cowboys' strength. That's at least a good start in formulating a plan to beat them.

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