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Blue-White Scrimmage Scheduled For Sunday

If the full-padded practices aren't enough of a change in Jason Garrett's first training camp, the head coach is adding a Blue-White scrimmage for Sunday's afternoon practice at the Alamodome.

While it won't be too different from regular practice, it will be a control scrimmage pitting the offense against the defense with live tackling set for portions of the practice.

"We're going to do a little Blue-White situational football and scrimmage," Garrett announced Saturday. "That will be our first competitive thing we do prior to the first preseason game."  

Garrett was involved in similar scrimmages as a player with the Cowboys in the 90's and with the Giants, too.

"Certain portions of it will be live," Garrett said. "It will be a big situational day for most of the group. We're going to try to give the younger guys a chance to play a little football that's been in a little more real than it's been in practice."

This will be the closest thing to a real game the Cowboys will get before the preseason opener against Denver on Aug. 11. The Cowboys will also practice against San Diego for a day before the Sept. 21 preseason game against the Chargers.

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