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Broaddus: Breaking Down The Second Teams In Goal Line


OXNARD, Calif. – Earlier in the day on, we took a play by play look at the first offense against the first defense. Next, we are going to break down the work of the second offense against the second defense in that same goal line period.

Callahan stuck with the same four tight end group that he used with the ones with the exception of Colin Cochart replaced Jason Witten. Dante Rosario moved from the "F" or fullback into the role of the "H" and Cochart became the "F". Rookie, Joseph Randle also took over for Phillip Tanner at the running back spot.

1st – 2 from the 2:Before the snap, Rosario motions from his left to right, then stops between tackle Edawn Coughman and tight end Andre Smith. At the snap, J.J. Wilcox motions across the defensive formation to match Rosario and is with him at the point of attack. Smith does an outstanding job of kicking out defensive end, Monte Taylor outside. Rosario leads inside on Caleb McSurdy and is able to work him off the ball as well. Cochart leads on Wilcox who gets hooked inside as the ball is going off the right edge.

Coughman and guard Kevin Kowalski double team down on defensive tackle Jerome Long keeping him out of the play, with center Phil Costa making the final block by reaching defensive tackle, Jeris Pendleton. Randle takes the handoff from Kyle Orton and starts to press the hole inside but his vision sees linebacker Brandon Magee in the hole, so he bounces to the outside behind the blocks, of Rosario, Cochart and Smith on the front side and ahead of Magee for the touchdown. The point of attack blocking was outstanding but the vision of Randle and his ability to get the ball to the edge with quickness is what made the play successful.

1st – 2 from the 2: With the same personnel, Callahan has Rosario again motioning from his left to right but this time, he sets inline next to Andre Smith. At the snap of the ball, Rosario takes a step wide that allows Monte Taylor to work inside, now he has Taylor right where he wants him, driving him hard down inside. Smith again takes McSurdy and also works him down inside as well. Coughman once again shows power walling off the defensive tackle, allowing Kowalski to pull to his right taking on Wilcox on the edge.  Kowalski hooks Wilcox which allows Cochart to kick safety Matt Johnson outside. Randle once again reads the block and now is one-on-one with Magee. Randle lowers his shoulder as Magee tries to wrap him up but is unable to stop his momentum. George Selvie and Ernie Sims arrive just a step late to help on the play as Randle powers his way in for the touchdown.

1st – 2 from the 2: Callahan again with same personnel group on the field but this time, he puts Smith and Rosario on the right side with Gavin Escobar on the left, all in line. Cochart is once again lined up as the "F" in front of Randle in the "I". At the snap, Orton goes with a play action fake to his right with Randle as he keeps his eyes on Rosario who is releasing off the line against Wilcox who is lunging to try and get a jam on him. Rosario clears Wilcox and begins to work up the field and then to his left. Cochart is now in the flat as Randle after his fake, steps up and drives Taylor again to the outside and away from Orton. The front of the pocket is clean and the tackles have the width where Orton can now settle in the middle of it. Orton picks up Rosario now breaking across the back of the end zone but he also has Smith moving from right to left as well open. Safety Matt Johnson sees what is happening  with the routes but he gets caught inside then tries to adjust back outside but Orton has already released the ball and it is in a perfect spot in front of Rosario in the left corner of the end zone. There was outstanding protection and nice execution by Rosario and Orton to finish the play for a touchdown.

For the first time in this camp, we were treated to some live goal line work and it was clear that both sides still need to focus on getting these situations cleaned up but it was good to get it on film and let the coaches teach from that. The effort was outstanding but you need more than just effort to be successful in this area. On Tuesday night in that film room, as you have just seen, some players learned just that.

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