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Broaddus: Cowboys Not Likely Involved In Supplemental Draft


There are several names that have applied to the Supplemental Draft that will take place for the NFL on Thursday.
But it's not likely the Cowboys will be big players this year. Last season, the Cowboys had some interest in Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon and supposedly had a fourth-round bid on him. Gordon went to Cleveland in the second round.
The last player the Cowboys drafted in the Supplemental Draft was Josh Brent in 2010, which cost the team a seventh-round pick in 2011.

There are some intriguing names in this year's draft. Players that are part of the draft are:

James Boyd DE UNLV
Nate Holloway DT UNLV
Toby Jackson DE Central Florida
DeWayne Peace WR Houston
OJ Ross WR Purdue
Damond Smith DB South Alabama

Boyd and Pearce are interesting names and this front office has had a history of working this part of the draft with guys like Brent and Gordon in the past, but don't look for the Cowboys to be a part [embedded_ad] of this draft when it takes place. They have studied the names and have an understanding of each player but will not use a pick to select them.

If these players do clear, clubs could sign them as free agents just like they did after the regular NFL Draft in April.

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