Broaddus: Favorite Combine Drills, Behind-the-Scenes Happenings & More

INDIANPOLIS – Here are some random thoughts as we get ready for Day 2 of the scouting combine in Indy.

  • Scouts and coaches love when these kids work out. It's like a badge that they are not afraid of the pressure but it's not the end of the world if they don't. The bottom line is you want these players to perform at their best so if that means it's not here - so be it. Scouts and coaches will pack up and make that journey to a college campus to see them work.
  • Two of my favorite drills at the Combine is the 3-Cone and 20-Yard Shuttle. Both drills show scouts how players move in space. It's about quickness, agility and balance. If you are stiff moving, these drills will expose that in a heartbeat. Can't play with stiff players.
  • There once was a time where these players were not coached on the answers they gave scouts and coaches. Agents have prepped these players to handle the variety of questions that they are going to receive on their background these next three days. Look for these teams to ask these tough questions in a way to throw the players off their game. Teams will try and confuse the player in order to see if they are telling the truth which is the bottom line.
  • I promise that by the time this Combine is over there will be a top player that is dealing with a medical condition that could affect his draft stock. I don't know what player that might be but it happens every year. These doctors do a great job of finding potential problems and that these colleges have managed to keep under wraps.
  • The league gives you the date of March 9th to start but it wouldn't surprise me if terms and deals are being discussed right now in free agency. Agents and club contract guys around the league are talking all the time, exchanging ideas for what it will take to get some of these deals done. All you need to do is walk through the lobbies of these hotels to get an understanding of what is likely happening. This is the exact reason you see a rush of deals done at the opening bell of free agency because of these meetings at the Combine.
  • Want to move up and down in this draft? The next few days those situations will be talked about. These front office decision makers are throwing the chum in the water right now trying to drum up some business and get a gauge what these teams might be thinking.
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