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Broaddus: Good First Showing For Bernadeau At Center

To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect by moving Mackenzy Bernadeau to center but I had heard during the week that the quarterback and coaches were comfortable with how he practiced and what he could potentially do. 

Obviously, there were plenty of struggles along this offensive line but at center wasn't one of them. 

There were only three times where I noticed that there was a wide snap in the gun where Romo had to adjust but when it came to his assignments and handling his blocks one-on-one he was able to anchor down and do his job. He did have a sack in the middle where he didn't get any help from Derrick Dockery because he adjusted late and there was the  holding penalty late in the game but overall I thought his technique was sound and there were not any huge mistakes.   

What Bernadeau lacked in experience, he made up for with power at the center position. By playing with a center that has some size and power, it allows you to keep the front of the pocket more firm which gives you quarterback the opportunity to step up and make throws. Some of Romo's best work is when he is allowed to climb the pocket and if you have a center that can make that happen, it's a huge advantage. 

Looking down the road, this move now gives you some flexibility to make that call down the road. I have struggled with Phil Costa at times and I thought that he played better than what we had seen from Ryan Cook. So going forward, there is always that possibility and I don't see that as being a bad thing because he was able to more than hold his own both run or pass.   

But for his first time at center, I thought Bernadeau passed the test.

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