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Broaddus Provides Scouting Report On OSU RB Randle


Looks like he has nice size on tape. Plays in a shot gun attack scheme. Mainly single back stuff.

In an early game against Arizona, he didn't play like he had a burst around the corner but was better against Texas and Oklahoma. Thought it took him a little time to get going but once he did, he was fine.  Likes to attack you straight ahead. Didn't see much wiggle in the open field. Had a fumble in the Arizona game, lost it in traffic but didn't see any problems with ball security in any of the other opportunities.

Times where he would come to a stop before he has to make a cut but once it opened, he got through. Will bounce off tacklers. Not afraid to lower his shoulder and fight for yards. Did almost break Kenny Vacarro's ankles on a long touchdown run in the Texas game with a move in the open field.

Looked much quicker in this game. Will be used in the flat on screens, they will put him in motion. Hands appeared dependable. Catches ball well. Was able to adjust to the ball above his head. Looked impressive on the touchdown run against Texas.

Top end speed looked better in later games. Ran the ball hard. Will need some work as a pass protector, is aware to who to block but failed on the job against Oklahoma and gave up a sack. Effort there, just needs technique work

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