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Broaddus: Romo's Back, Moore's Play Among 12 Thoughts


  • Was worried going into the game how this Cowboys defense would match up against the Titans offense while having to play nickel the majority of the game. Rod Marinelli and his unit were able to keep Tennessee off balance the entire day with their ability to mix coverage, but also provide pressure with some timely blitzes and a four-man rush.
  •  After watching the Titans play last week against the Chiefs, I had a feeling that running the ball would not be easy. Tennessee does an outstanding job of getting off blocks and rallying to the ball. As good as this Cowboys defense was able to play, the reason they won the game was the ability of the offense line to pound this Titans front seven and control the game that way. It didn't matter whether it was DeMarco Murray, Lance Dunbar or Joseph Randle, there was space. The way the Cowboys offensive line played today in blocking for the running game reminded me of how this franchise won championships in the 1990s. 
  • Through two games you have to give this front office a great deal of credit for going out and making the deal that they did for Rolando McClain.

He might not have the savvy ability to read schemes like Sean Lee, but he is a more physical force at the point of attack and that is why the run defense has been improved from what we saw in the preseason. 

  • I had been very critical of these Cowboys cornerbacks and the way in which they played early in the season. Sterling Moore lined up snap after snap and challenged the Titans receivers all day. Brandon Carr finally had a game where he was physical on the outside and Morris Claiborne did not have those types of plays where he looked like he was in a different area code.
  • Dez Bryant showed you why he is one of the top receivers in this league with his performance against the Titans. His ability to adjust to the ball, regardless of where it was thrown, bailed Tony Romo out several times. When Jason McCourty went out with a groin injury, Bryant was able to take advantage of those matchups, and when the offense needed a play, he was there to deliver.
  • I didn't want to believe that there was something physically wrong with Romo and the way that he was throwing the ball, but there is. He took the early sacks in the game, and that might have effected him, but there were several throws where I have seen him complete those passes with his eyes closed, but he was badly off target here. He is really having to fight through these series, which is to his credit, but I am now concerned.
  • I no longer even giving a second thought when Dan Bailey lines up for a field goal, no matter where the ball is spotted. It's going to be good – what a weapon. 
  • I am interested to study this game on the way home and see how Terrell McClain played at defensive tackle in his first game with the Cowboys. He looked active in the middle and there appeared to be a snap or two where he had inside pressure.
  • At some point in time during this season, Bruce Carter is going to block a punt.
  • I bet if you asked defensive coordinator Scott Linehan after the game, he would tell you that his play-call sheet was very short. [embedded_ad] He had an idea what he wanted to do throwing the ball against the Titans, but his ability to consistently come back to the same running play down after down not only helped his quarterback, but the running backs and offensive line as well. He stuck to what was working.
  • After a rocky start in pass protection, I thought that Doug Free did a much better job of handling his assignments. Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey is a relentless rusher, and it appeared that Tennessee's defensive coaches were interested in matching him up with Free. From my seat in the press box, Free was beat more because of how bad his technique was. Film might show different.
  • If you are a Cowboys fan and you attended this game, you should be proud - I heard you a bunch on Sunday.
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