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Bucky Brooks: Erving Can Play All 5 O-Line Spots


(Editor's Note: The team welcomes Bucky Brooks to the staff. Bucky brings a wealth of experience, not only as a former NFL player of five seasons, but also as a scout and on the pro personnel side for two teams. In the last decade, Brooks has worked in the media, including the NFL Network. Bucky will provide his own analysis and opinions of the Cowboys but also the entire NFL. Today, he breaks down newly-signed offensive lineman Cameron Erving.)

  • Name: Cameron Erving
  • College: Florida State
  • Position: OL
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 313
  • Season: 6th
  • Games watched: 2019 Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and Denver Broncos


Erving is an experienced utility player capable of playing all five positions on the offensive line. The sixth-year pro has logged 42 career starts, including 25 with the Kansas City Chiefs, at a variety of positions (center, guard, and tackle) while intriguing athleticism and movement skills.

Erving has a solid set of physical tools that enable him to adequately control defenders at the point of attack, particularly when he is working on the move or climbing to the second level. He is best suited to play in a zone-based scheme that highlights his agility and short-area quickness. Erving makes solid initial contact and works hard to finish. Although he is inconsistent finishing his blocks, the veteran does just enough to create seams for runners on runs to his side.

When Erving is aligned at guard (2018), he looks like a much better player. He displays awareness and instincts working with his neighbors on double teams to move defenders off the ball. Erving isn't a polished or refined player but his athleticism and short-area quickness help him to succeed on the inside. He gets the job done when given assistance and that certainly helps him play above his skill level.

In pass pro, Erving is at his best when he is able to quick-set edge rushers. He wins when he engages defenders quickly with a quick stab and anchor that enables him to gain control. Erving struggles against speed rushers from "Wide-9" alignments. He lacks the balance and body control to quickly kick-slide to cut off speed rush maneuvers or react to slippery inside moves. Erving's tendency to overextend while ducking his head results in defenders winning with "butt-and-jerk" and one-arm stab maneuvers. The veteran simply lacks the technical skills to consistently neutralize elite pass rushers, particularly when he is aligned at Left Tackle.

Erving can be an effective starter in emergency situations but coaches need to give him plenty of help and limit his one-on-one chances against blue-chip players.


  • Versatile offensive lineman with the capacity to play all five positions
  • Athletic run blocker with the agility and movement skills to climb to the second level
  • High football IQ
  • Effort player


  • Inconsistent in pass protection (five sacks allowed and 26 pressures in 589 offensive snaps)
  • Struggles against speed, quickness, and finesse off the edge
  • Questionable strength and power
  • Inconsistent finisher

How does he fit in with the Cowboys?

Erving gives the Cowboys a valuable sixth-man off the bench for the offensive line. The veteran has the capacity to play all five positions and his versatility will make him a key reserve on game day. Although there are some holes in Erving's game, Mike McCarthy has a high-end backup on the bench for emergency situations.

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