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Scout's Take: Major Need For Speed On Defense

Football analyst Bucky Brooks has 12 takeaways from Monday’s game, including Zeke being in a funk and the defense needing to be faster to the ball.
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Keys to Victory: Must Keep Murray In The Pocket

Keeping Kyler Murray contained and staying balanced are two of the biggest Keys to Victory. 
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Behind The Line: Can Hopkins & Murray Be Stopped?

Not that he needed much help, but Kyler Murray now has a dynamic weapon to throw to in DeAndre Hopkins. Together, the Cardinals have a 1-2 punch that will put tons of pressure on an already-struggling Cowboys defense.
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5 Bucks: Keep Feeding Zeke, Time To Blitz & More

After reviewing the film of the Cowboys’ win, here are five observations based on the tape study from Bucky Brooks.
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Scout's Take: CeeDee Lamb Is Good As Advertised

Football analyst Bucky Brooks gives us 10 quick takes after the game, including how things change without Dak and CeeDee Lamb is already living up to the hype. 
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Keys To Victory: Cowboys Need To Keep It "Clean" 

Football analyst Bucky Brooks offers his weekly keys to victory for both teams, stating the Cowboys can beat the Giants if they don’t beat themselves first.  
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Behind The Line: What Can Jason Garrett Dial Up?

The Giants have trouble scoring points. The Cowboys have trouble keeping points off the board. So this matchup is already intriguing. The return of Jason Garrett as the Giants’ offensive coordinator only makes it more interesting.
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5 Bucks: Defensive Identity? McCarthy's Stamp, More

After reviewing the film of the Cowboys 48-39 loss to the Browns, here are five observations based on my tape study. 
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Further Review: Closer Look at Sunday's Setback

For the third straight week, the Cowboys found themselves down in the second half by multiple scores. Yet, once again, they dug themselves too deep a hole and couldn’t recover. Let’s dissect what happened vs. Cleveland.
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Scout's Take: Pointing Fingers Starts With Players

Here are my 10 takeaways from the Cowboys’ 49-38 loss to the Browns.
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Behind The Line: Watch Out For The "Other" RB

The Browns have won two straight games and bring to town plenty of names you know, such as Odell, Baker and Myles Garrett. But there are plenty of other difference-makers that should make this a tough matchup for the Cowboys.
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5 Bucks: More Zeke, Less Dak & O-Line Concerns

After the Cowboys’ 38-31 loss to the Seahawks, here’s a handful of issues and topics that I’ve noticed from the All-22 film about this team.
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Scout Takes: O-Line Exposed; WRs Shine & More

The Cowboys had their chances in this game, but left too many plays on the table and too much time for Russell Wilson. Here are some quick takes from Sunday’s loss in Seattle. 
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Keys To Victory: Fast Start Critical vs. Seattle

Here are my thoughts on how this game could play out this week.
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Behind the Line: Don't Forget Jamal Adams, Too

While the Cowboys must be ready for Russell Wilson and that potent Seattle offense, the Seahawks also acquired Jamal Adams in the offseason. Let’s see how he fits into their scheme.
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5 Bucks: McCarthy Too Risky; Dak Is Real & More

After digging into the All-22 coaches’ footage from the Cowboys’ 40-39 win over the Falcons, here are my thoughts on their performance and what it means moving forward.
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Scout's Take: Bucky Brooks Analyzes Wild Game

Here are my thoughts on the Cowboys’ performance against the Falcons in a 40-39 win on Sunday: 
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Behind the Line: 2 ATL Defenders To Worry About

What makes Julio Jones so great? What two Falcons defenders could be a problem? And what’s the key matchup this week? Bucky Brooks covers it all and more as he goes behind the line.
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Keys to Victory: What Dallas Must Do To Win 

Both teams should be desperate to get a win on Sunday. Here are some thoughts on how this game could play out this week. 
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5 Bucks: Dak Needs To Be Clutch; Where's D-Law?    

Football analyst Bucky Brooks has reviewed the tape of the game, and has five points of emphasis, including Dak in the fourth quarter, CeeDee Lamb becoming a star and more. 
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