Camp Sights: Defenders Hitting Zeke, Dez Fielding Punts, QB Injury & More

(Editor's Note: At the end of each day here at training camp in Oxnard, the staff writers will each provide their own personal observation, ranging anywhere from a particular player who is standing out, a position that needs an upgrade, or even their own personal experiences regarding the daily rigors of camp.)

Nick Eatman:Although my opinion certainly did sit well with my cohosts on the "Cowboys Break" and by the fans who were polled with the same question, it looks like the Cowboys might actually agree with me when it comes to Dez Bryant returning punts. More than 80 percent of the polled fans said they didn't want to see Dez back there, obviously fearing an injury. But I just think it's important to get the ball in his hands and in the open. No easier way to do that than on punt returns. We won't see him there much, but I do think there's a time and a place to put him out there and the Cowboys were getting him some work along with Cole Beasley and Lucky Whitehead.

Bryan Broaddus:Among the rules that Jason Garrett has is to not take the running backs to the ground. Garrett wants the tacklers to "thud" off the backs and let them finish the run. What I noticed that these past two days in pads, is the defense is taking the word "thud" to a whole new level. These backs especially Ezeikel Elliott has taken more than his share of hits in these practices. Sean Lee and Barry Church met Elliott two different times during the Run/Play Action Period and were physical to the point where Elliott ended up on the ground. To his credit each time he picked himself up off the field and jogged back to the huddle. I am waiting for that moment when Elliott lowers his shoulder and takes it to one of these defenders much like DeMarco Murray did back in the day and then the fun really begins.

Rob Phillips:The Kellen Moore injury triggered an instant Orlando Scandrick injury flashback from last August. Same side of the field, similar freak accident in a non-tackling practice. (Head coach Jason Garrett had just said a couple of hours ago there were too many players on the ground in Monday's first padded practice.) Yes, Moore is technically a backup, but losing him for a significant period of time would be a significant development for the roster. Settling the backup quarterback situation was arguably the Cowboys' top offseason priority, and ultimately they decided Moore had shown them enough in a three-game audition to be the No. 2 guy – one play away from taking the keys to the offense again. Tony Romo's back healthy, but everyone knows how much the team struggled without him last year: one win in 12 games. Rookie Dak Prescott has promise, but he needs time to develop in a pro-style offense.

David Helman: I was already impressed with Lawrence Okoye at the outset of practice – and that was before he contributed to the first major moment of the Cowboys' season. Officially, it was Jared Smith who broke Kellen Moore's ankle when he stepped on his quarterback in the pocket. But the reason that happened was Okoye, who fired off the ball and took Smith on a ride. Okoye was disruptive and impressive all afternoon. He gave La'el Collins all he could handle in 1-on-1 reps, and he broke through the line multiple times in full-team drills. It was quite an impactful practice – for good reasons and for bad.

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