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Carr: Don't Blame Fans For Lack Of Home Field Advantage

IRVING, Texas - The Cowboys' victory Sunday gave quarterback Tony Romo one more win on the road than he has at home in his career.

Romo boasts a 26-18 record on the road as a starter and a 25-17 mark in Dallas, but Brandon Carr said that lack of a home field advantage is more on the players than the fans.

"That's all on us," Carr said. "We have to create the atmosphere. We have to go out there and give the fans something to cheer about. We have to go out there and win games at home. We have to defend our home turf. When we establish that, once we start doing that, then the fans will start taking some pride in us playing at home and cheer us on each Sunday."

Three of the Cowboys' four victories this season have occurred on the road. Their only home win came in a narrow 16-10 triumph against the Buccaneers in Week 3.

Romo will have an opportunity to increase his home wins total with five of the team's final seven regular season games at Cowboys Stadium. Dallas will host three straight home contests against teams with losing records, beginning this weekend against Cleveland.

"We're back at home for a stretch, which will be good for us," Carr said. "Hopefully we give the crowd something to cheer about."

Carr, who rolled his ankle late against the Eagles, said he's feeling good and walking fine today, making his status this weekend likely. After facing Nick Foles for the majority of Sunday's game, the Cowboys will again see a slew of rookie quarterbacks the next few weeks. 

Brandon Weeden will enter Cowboys Stadium this weekend, followed by Robert Griffin III and possibly Foles again, if the Eagles can't use Michael Vick.

"We're going to be aggressive," Carr said. "We're going to come after you and we're going to cover in the back end. That's always the same with us. As far as a rookie quarterback versus a veteran quarterback, if we see a weakness or a tendency, then we're going to try to exploit it."

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