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Carr Gets First Taste Of NFC East Rivalry, Calls Manning Elite

IRVING, Texas - Free agent signee Brandon Carr hasn't been in Dallas long, but he's beginning to understand the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Giants.

Carr said he had a sense of the rivalry before the season and is excited to take part against a quarterback in Eli Manning that he called "elite."

"I haven't seen too many throws he can't make," Carr said. "He has a lot of faith and trust in his offensive scheme and his receivers that he can put the ball in the right position and the right spot and they'll make a play on it."

Manning and wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz dismantled the Cowboys' secondary in two wins last season.

Manning threw for 746 yards and five touchdowns in the two games combined. Hicks went for 163 yards in Week 14, while Cruz recorded 178 yards and a touchdown in Week 17. 

Carr said Manning can take chances through the air because of his faith in his top two targets.

"He has two of the most explosive receivers in the game – two of the best playmakers in the game – right now with Cruz and Nicks," Carr said. "I know he's going to try to get those guys involved. Out there in the secondary, we'll have to bring our 'A' game and be ready for the battle."

Coach Tom Coughlin and the Giants haven't seen Carr since 2009, when they beat the Chiefs, 27-16. Carr had three pass deflections in that game.

"He seems to be as fast as he used to be, and he's also been a guy that's reacted well to the ball in the air and had tipped ball interceptions," Coughlin said.  "He's done a nice job."

Carr said it's easier for the Cowboys to put last year's woes against the Giants behind them, since there are so many new faces on the Cowboys' roster. He also said he's adapted to the strange schedule that has the NFC East rivals starting the season on a Wednesday night. 

"It's our first chance to show the world who we are, show the world all the hard work we put in and what we have to show for it," Carr said. "No Super Bowl champion will be crowned after this game in Week One, but it's a division game. It's important."

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