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Contract Over, But Jerry Likes San Antonio

Training camp in San Antonio is officially over for this year as the team broke camp last week from the Alamodome and will now training at Cowboys Stadium for the next two weeks. The team had an impromptu indoor practice Saturday in Arlington because of the rain.

And even though a five-year contract has now expired between the Cowboys and the city of San Antonio, team owner Jerry Jones said on Saturday he expects to return to the Alamo City over the next few years, possibly as early as 2012.

However, don't rule out the possibility of the Cowboys going back to Oxnard, Calif. next year, for either the entire camp or maybe a split camp with San Antonio, or even Arlington.

While the Cowboys will likely take it one camp at a time, Jones said San Antonio has been a great training camp home for the team – now six times in the last 10 years.

"I'm well documented on my desire to train in San Antonio," Jones said. "The ideal plan would be that we are and do get to spend as I look ahead over the next few years some good time in San Antonio for training camp. That's my plan. Now, how we do it, when we do it, how we break it down, that's something we've got to work out.

"But I feel more positive and stronger about training camp in San Antonio than I've ever felt. It works great. We've got it down smooth. The team, players, got our regime down. And, of course, the No. 1 thing is our fans down there. It's just like, frankly, preferable because it lets us go away to camp but we've got the same fan intensity about supporting our team as we would be if we were playing in Cowboys Stadium. It's great."  

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