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Counter Point: Latest Development Won't Change How Cowboys Approach Running Back

IRVING, Texas -- As much as you want to believe that Joseph Randle's run in with the law will force the Cowboys to sign DeMarco Murray, that's not the case at all.

Sure, it's not comforting knowing that Randle has gone and once again put himself in a bad situation. What you have to know is that even before this situation happened, this front office was preparing to study all avenues of adding running backs to the roster. 

If there is something that we have learned about this group under the leadership of Stephen Jones and Will McClay, it's that they aren't going to approach the makeup of their roster without having a plan in place.

They moved on from a veteran in DeMarcus Ware by drafting DeMarcus Lawrence. They refused to pay Jason Hatcher because they believed that Tyrone Crawford would be just as steady at the under tackle.

This front office is not going to be forced into making reactionary moves to fill needs. It would have been  easy for them to take linebacker C.J. Mosely in the 2014 NFL Draft after missing out on Anthony Barr, Aaron Donald and Ryan Shazier because they needed defensive players, but they selected their best player in Zack Martin -- who just happens to play offensive line. It wasn't the most exciting of moves to those on the outside, but in the big picture I could not have seen a better selection at that time. 

The need at running back is no different from the other needs on this roster and the front office will address them with the player that they feel is the best fit. It's a simple mission: add talented players regardless of the position and how many you might have there and let the competition sort out.

This front office will not be held hostage by a player or a position and this running back spot will be no different -- no matter who is on or off the roster. That will not change.  

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