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Cowboys Players Voice Support For Garrett's Return


IRVING, Texas – Don't expect to hear a lot of smack talk coming from the Cowboys' locker room.

More generic talk about "the process" is sure to be in full form, but that's because head coach Jason Garrett's mannerisms, tendencies and catch phrases have rubbed off on many of the veteran Cowboys, who voiced their support after owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Garrett will be back next season.

"He has class, so we're not the talk mess kind of team," said Jason Hatcher. "It's just class, go out there and play football and come out. We don't talk noise. We'll leave that to other teams."

Hatcher said Garrett's approach trickles down to the rest of the team. Garrett's not the type to oversell one matchup with hyperbole or any pre-game chatter, and this week his team has followed suit.

It's not odd these days to find players such as Dez Bryant uttering words or phrases that sound like his head coach. Bryant said that's because he believes in what his coach has to say.

"I know with me, I pay attention to him, I listen to him, I love him," Bryant said. "He's one of the best coaches I've ever been around."

As expected, Bryant doesn't see much added excitement this week against an NFC East foe from Garrett. It's challenging to get Garrett out of his typical groove or riled up on the record, even after his boss said his job's safe next season.   [embedded_ad]

Garrett's response upon being told about Jones' comments only concerned Thursday's practice.

"We understand we have a great challenge this week and we're trying to get ready for it," Garrett said. "I just think it's the nature of the league. You have to focus on what you're doing each and every day to play your best football on Sunday. So that's what the focus is."

Even if Garrett wouldn't elaborate on his own feelings about his apparent stability as the head coach, his players did.

Safety Barry Church said he's always had confidence in Garrett and the way he goes about coaching. He said he never thought Garrett should have been coaching for his job, but it's comforting to hear Jones' confidence in him. 

"It definitely helps to hear that, because you don't want to hear about your coach might be fired," Church said. "And if he is getting fired, they'll be bringing all different types of coaches in and you've got to work a whole different system. It definitely gives us confidence knowing our coach will be back here next year."

Quarterback Tony Romo said Garrett's done a great job since taking over and has put the team in a great position to have the opportunity to win games, while Hatcher elaborated past the X's and O's.

Hatcher said he's got a lot of respect for Garrett, particularly after getting to know him more after the head coach became more involved in the defensive meetings.

"Just to know him personally and know that he cares about you off the field as well as on the field, it's not like some coaches that absolutely don't care," he said. "It's all business with them, but you know at the end of the day he cares about you individually, and he understands the game."

That last point about Garrett is what's sunk in for Hatcher, who commended Garrett for his knowledge about football. He said he was honored to have him as a head coach and he wishes the best for him. He hears the criticism that can come along with a .500 record and recent mediocrity, but Hatcher said he holds Garrett in high regards.

"I know you guys think differently, rag him all the time, but I think he's an awesome coach and I wish the best for him in the future," Hatcher said. "I'm glad the Cowboys will have him back. He deserves it."

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