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CowBuzz: A Look At Romo's Past TV Work – Receptionist, Caddy & More

The same day the Cowboys announced Tony Romo's release, their former longtime quarterback joined CBS as the network's No. 1 NFL analyst, working alongside Jim Nantz.

Tony Romo's had many memorable moments off the field, some of the most memorable being on screen. With Tony Romo now entering the TV field, let's take a look back at some of Romo's most notable times on TV… not playing football.

Like most great athletes, Tony Romo has made multiple appearances on ESPN in their "This is SportsCenter" commercial series. Romo's first SportsCenter commercial was in 2007 when Scott Van Pelt is featured walking down the hallway to find Tony Romo hosting a party with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Rowdy.

Romo's second stint with SportsCenter had him serving as a receptionist. He takes calls and has all of the phone extension numbers written in his arm band, as well as giving messages to employees that walked by.

Tony took to the field for this next TV spot with Pepsi. He receives a play call with a yawn in the middle of it, and you can only assume how the rest of the play winds up. But wait until the end because a special guest makes a funny appearance!

Romo made a memorable Late Late Show appearance with host James Corden. Corden, new to America, is looking to make friends, and what better way to do so than a good old fashion sleepover with the quarterback of America's Team? Cue a sleepover at Romo's house filled with games, snacks and ghost stories. One might even be about an infamous "catch."

Everyone knows that Tony Romo not only loves golf, but he is pretty good at the sport too. Romo teamed up with Dallas native and Cowboys fan Jordan Spieth for an AT&T commercial. With his new CBS contract, could we soon see Romo taking his talents to Augusta and working The Masters alongside his new partner in the booth, Jim Nantz? If this commercial is any indication, it seems like it could be a good fit!

Congratulations to Tony Romo on his new TV career!

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