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CowBuzz: Boss Accepts J.J. Watt's Note, But Offers His Own Message

This story starts with an exchange between a Houston Texans fan and one of their star players J.J. Watt, you may have heard of him.  I know, I know, but stick with me here, this story has a pretty cool ending.

Ashlee Sanchez is a Houston Texans fan that purchased tickets to Watt's charity softball game that takes place this Friday, a five hour drive from her home town.  Other than the lengthy drive there's one small catch, she purchased the tickets before she was hired for her new job.  So how do you ask your boss if you can miss work just four days after you start?  You take to Twitter and ask for a hand written excuse from the celebrity that's hosting the event.

That's just what Sanchez did, and to her surprise received a hand written note from Watt.

By now you're probably wondering why this article is on the Dallas Cowboys' website.  Eric Garza, Sanchez's boss, approved her day off and had a message of his own for Watt.

Cowboys or Texans fan, this was a pretty cool thing for everyone involved.  Bravo to Watt for taking the time to interact with his fans via social media.  Bravo to Mr. Garza for allowing his newly hired employee to attend an event for a great cause and most of all, for representing his Dallas Cowboys.

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