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CowBuzz: Celebrities, Athletes & Cowboys Alumni Excited After Win Over Steelers

The social world was abuzz after the Cowboys' incredible 35-30 victory over the Steelers that saw an NFL season-high seven lead changes before Ezekiel Elliott was finally able to seal the game with a 32-yard touchdown run that left just nine seconds on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Celebrities, athletes and Dallas Cowboys alumni alike shared their excitement on what some are dubbing as the best game in the 2016 season so far. Here are the highlights:

Some of the world's top athletes congratulated the 'Boys on a hard-fought victory:

Many celebrities were excited too:

Here's what some of our Cowboys alumni had to say:

Michael Irvin even went so far as to wear Steelers colors in hopes that it would bring luck to the Cowboys:

The Cowboys got their eighth straight win in style and haven't lost since Sept. 11 against the Giants. Riding a nice wave of momentum into next Sunday's game against the Ravens, here's how the team celebrated:  

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