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CowBuzz: Cole Beasley Takes Leading Role In Latest Tide Commercial

It's no secret that Cole Beasley is on the smaller end of NFL players, in fact he's one of the smallest in the league at 5'8".  But his hard-nosed gritty style of play has endeared him to Cowboys fans everywhere.  That popularity can be seen in a video released today on Tide's YouTube channel.

Beasley is featured in the new video titled "Tide PODS: Cole Beasley #SmallButPowerful".  The video shows Beasley exhibiting feats of extraordinary strength, popping a football after signing it for a fan and ripping the door off of a washing machine to name a couple.  The concept is that Beasley, although small, is powerful, like Tide PODS.

You can check out the video here:

Let's hope Beasley's super human strength transfers from the video screen to the field this season.

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