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CowBuzz: Cole Beasley Throws Down Double Pump Reverse Dunk

If I told you an NFL player could dunk a basketball, that wouldn't be surprising at all. If I told you that NFL player was listed at 5' 8" tall that would be impressive. If I told you the dunk that 5' 8" tall NFL player threw down was a reverse double pump dunk, you might call me a liar.

Well it's true and here's the proof, Cole Beasley posted this video last night on his Instagram account and it's impressive…

Beasley also gave a shout out to Odell Beckham Jr. in his post "@OBJ_3 had his so it's only right to put one of mine up. #cowboysgiantsrivalry".

Looks like the Cowboys vs Giants rivalry has been taken to the next level.

Since this article was first published, some others have weighed in on Beasley's vertical ability.

Looks like Beasley's vertical rating will go up in the next issue of Madden…

Former teammate and current Denver Bronco, Emmanuel Sanders weighed in as well…


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