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CowBuzz: Cowboys-Redskins Creates Tremendous Social Buzz

The Cowboys squared off against the Redskins on Thursday for the 114th time in franchise history. The Cowboys held a 6-1 record over the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day games entering Thursday's matchup and continued that winning tradition with a 31-26 victory.

Any time these NFC East rivals face off it's sure to bring a lot of social buzz, but add in the fact that this game was nationally televised on Thanksgiving and you have a social media explosion. The Cowboys-Redskins game was trending on Facebook and Twitter with over a million people discussing it on each.

Here are some of the highlights:

The NBA was very vocal in its support of the Cowboys, with some of its biggest stars attending the game:

Avid Cowboys fan LeBron James liked what he saw:

And so did the Memphis Grizzlies:

FC Dallas showed their pride in their fellow Dallas professional franchise:

And Jacob Tamme, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, shared his wife's thoughts on the game:

Here's what celebrities had to say:

And finally here's what the team, who has now won 10 straight, had to say:

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