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CowBuzz: Cowboys Remain In Top Spots In Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to the Week 17 NFL Power Rankings. Yes, you read that right. It is in fact the last week of the regular season. For a lot of teams this final game marks the end of another season and for others it means one last chance to seal a playoff spot, but not for the Cowboys. Nope, the Cowboys have been firmly locked into a playoff spot since early December, and thanks to the Eagles win over the Giants last Thursday, the Cowboys now have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. With all that said, here's where the 'Boys ended up in the power rankings with one game to play: kept them at No. 2:

fox.png kept them there as well:


ESPN placed the Cowboys in the No. 1 spot in part because they already have the NFC all wrapped up:


And liked that the Cowboys put up 28 unanswered points against the Lions on Monday Night:


It's been an electric season with still one game to play before the playoffs. The 'Boys travel to Philadelphia this week to take on the Eagles (6-9), and although the division title has already been decided, this game will be a fun one to watch between two historic rivals.

As always, make sure to check back to see where the Cowboys end up for the final time this regular season!

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