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CowBuzz: Cowboys Unveil Fan 'Bandwagon Application' Before Playoffs

It's no secret that America's Team has millions of fans stretching all around the world. With the new additions of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott it seems like the already huge fan base has exploded this season.

With all those adoring fans comes an almost equal amount of Cowboys haters. While they don't agree on a lot of things, both can agree that the Dallas Cowboys have picked up a lot of "bandwagoners" in 2016.

Today the Dallas Cowboys social team unveiled something for those bandwagoners: The Official Bandwagon Fan Application For The Dallas Cowboys:

Within in 30 minutes of posting, the Facebook post had almost over 10,000 shares, and as of this CowBuzz posting, currently sits at about 15,500.

The response is overwhelming positive with Cowboys fans, haters and bandwagoners alike all filling out the form and arguing about who the players are at the bottom. HINT: There's two defensive players and two offensive players!

Immediately after publishing, prominent sports websites started picking up on it and adding their own take on the Bandwagon Application.

Bleacher Report:

247 Sports:


No doubt as time passes more outlets will pick up on the Bandwagon Application and it'll reach more fans around the globe. So please join the fun and sign up to join the bandwagon before Sunday, Jan. 15!

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