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CowBuzz: Dak and Zeke's Latest "War" Turns Locker Room Into Candyland

It is well known that Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott aren't above giving each other a hard time on not only on Twitter, but also in the locker room. For the past few weeks, the rookies have taken to messing with each other during their media availability. It all started when Zeke threw candy at Dak's head in the middle of a media huddle, with Dak immediately responding by throwing candy at him during Zeke's media session.

On Wednesday, Zeke moved on from the candy and started shooting straw wrappers and spit wads at Dak's head. Dak didn't pay much attention to it and ended it by passing Zeke the candy bag in his locker.

This morning prior to practice, Zeke shared videos on twitter showing that Dak had filled not only his locker with candy but also his backpack and helmet. There is no doubt that these rookies go above and beyond on the football field but now they're showing they also take it the next level with pranks.

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