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CowBuzz: Fitzgerald Made Sure To Pay Respects To Witten - Both On & Off Field

When NFL games end players from both teams usually meet at mid-field to catch up with former teammates and old friends for a few moments before heading to their locker rooms.  As the social media "guy", I typically walk out with the team and try to capture some of these moments for our social media accounts.  I've seen players pose for pictures, swap jerseys, I've even see them swap shoes before.  On Sunday, I saw something for the first time.

Usually players go to mid-field and if they don't see someone they are looking for they will head back to their locker room, not the case with Larry Fitzgerald.  He shook hands and hugged several guys from the Cowboys and looked around for Jason Witten.  Witten had already headed back toward the locker room on the Cowboys' side of the field and was almost to the player tunnel when Fitzgerald spotted him.  Fitzgerald yelled at Witten from mid-field and started walking his direction at a fast pace.  Witten turned around and the two exchanged pleasantries and went their separate ways.

I was able to capture it in a photo and posted it to the Cowboys' Twitter account.
Totally normal, what happened after that was not.  Fitzgerald responded a couple of hours later with his own tweet.
Not only did Fitzgerald respond, he did it directly to the Cowboys' team account, not retweeting it for the world to see or for fanfare, but just to let the organization know how he felt about Witten.

Both players are class acts and it was on display after Sunday's game.

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