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CowBuzz: Hardy Already Flying High With Cowboys-Eagles Rivalry

Greg Hardy hasn't played a game for the Dallas Cowboys yet, but he's already helping fuel the Cowboys vs Eagles rivalry.

A "WE STILL DEM BOYZ" GoFundMe page was set up yesterday accepting donations for a unique purpose.  Here's the original copy from the page:

Cowboys Nation is coming together to raise money for a great cause. We take pride in being able to educate others, and see it as a responsibility to do so.

We feel that whenever an opportunity comes along to be educators, we must accept that responsibility.

Today we received word that the Eagles fans were going to be flying a banner over Cowboys practice that reads "WE GOT DEMARCO."

That being said, we thought it'd be funny to have some back and forth.

We decided to shoot right back at them, and brainstormed on some banner ideas ourselves.

Originally were were going to go with "KEEP HIM", but we feel a strong need to let the Philthadelphia faithful know just who won the division last season, and who is taking it again.

We are raising money to fly a banner over the Eagles' training camp on August 9th that reads


Let 'em know!

All monies will go towards the flight, fuel and banner as well as any GoFundMe fees.

Any left over money will be donated to Children's Medical Center... whom the Cowboys players visit annually during every Christmas holiday season!

That in itself could be the end of this article, but it's not.  Greg Hardy was contacted via Twitter to donate to the cause and it appears he pitched in $300 toward the cause.

The organizers of the project were so thrilled to have the donation from Hardy they changed the banner that will be flown.  It will now read "✭ WE STILL DEM BOYZ! #SACKSCOMIN! ✭"

The page has more than doubled its goal of $1,350 and has said it will donate all additional money raised to Children's Medical Center in Plano, TX.  A great gesture by the organizers to turn this into a difference maker in the community.

Training camp is barely underway and the Eagles vs Cowboys rivalry is in full force.  Should be a fun season.

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