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CowBuzz: Hey Sunday Night Football, Bailey Has A New Headshot For You

When you're a kicker, especially one that is as consistent as Dan Bailey, you typically don't cause much commotion in the world of social media.  Well a few weeks back Bailey did just that.

When the Cowboys played the Giants in the Sunday Night Football season opener, Dan Bailey lined up to kick a field goal  and there was an overlay graphic displayed on the screen with his headshot.  Normal enough, if you watch football you've seen this graphic or one like it hundreds of times.  But, you've probably never seen this graphic with the players eyes closed.

Yep, the below graphic somehow made its way into the Sunday Night Football broadcast and nope no way the Twitterverse was going to let this one slide.^tfw

NBC spokesman Dan Masonson had an understandable explanation according to this article ( on the Dallas Morning News website.  ""The video headshot, which is about 20 seconds in length, was rolled too early," Masonson said, "so when Bailey lined up for the kick the video had reached the end and the headshot was frozen on the image which appeared on the screen."

Totally reasonable explanation, these things happen.  That being said, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some fun with it and have Dan try and contribute to this week's broadcast.  Take a look at this video.

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