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CowBuzz: Players Choose Celebrities To Adopt Them


After one of our OTA sessions earlier this year, we had an internal media day at our facility at Valley Ranch.  We set up various stations throughout the facility to get all of our digital assets for the season from our players.  We used this time to collect headshots, crowd pump videos, interviews and various other assets that we will use throughout the 2013 season.

One of our stations was on the other side of the complex from the others, so we used Bennche UTVs to transport the players to and from that station.  We thought this would be a great time to ask some hard hitting questions that you, the fans, have always wanted to know.  Just kidding, we just wanted to have some fun and let you see the players like you don't normally get to see them.

We asked our players if they had to be adopted by two celebrity parents, who would they choose.  Here are their answers. Don't worry about what I was doing in the Clifford The Big Red Dog costume, totally normal.

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